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The Everyday Vegan

Hi Guys,  I've seen a few of you mention The Everyday Vegan by Dreena Burton as one of your most used cookbooks, so I wanted to ask what some of your favorite recipes are from the book.  I've had it for at least 2 years now but somehow never used it (I have too many cookbooks, I guess ;)).  Anyway, I want to start using it, but I'd love to get a few recommendations about recipes that have worked well for you.  Thanks! 

Ooh, I'm thinking of buying it.  Is it worth it? 


I have Vive La Vegan by Dreena Burton and I don't use it much either. It's not that it's bad... I just tend to use others before I use hers. Dunno why.


I'll plug books by Louise Hagler.  THe New Farm Cookbook is a special favorite.  I have found all the recipes clear and easy to prepare with readily available ingredients that are not expensive.  I have only ever had one dish I was not wild about, a red pepper and tofu pasta sauce that would be good on a vegetable dish, but was too sweet for the pasta, I thought.  Otherwise...I love the 5 of them I have.


I just got Everyday Vegan and vive le vegan because I thought I needed to get some of these newer cookbooks and I was missing out. I don't have VWAV or books by that author but I've flipped through and wasn't so impressed.  I also got garden of vegan because--I kid you not--secondbase said the quinoa recipe was wonderful. And I have the new cupcake book.

At this point, I'm done. And I also think for the amount of money these cookbooks cost, I should have gotten a bit more in the way of recipes.

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