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Dolphin slaughter in Japan......

This is absolutely disgusting and very gruesome so please do not watch it if you feel you can't.  I had to stop watching it part way through because I started to cry and thought I would be physically sick but please do sign the petition.

Have I ever mentioned how I don't like many people?

Sometimes I wish I had never been born.  Then I wouldn't have to see what people are capable of.

Di the disheartened.

BILLIONS of fish are treated like this around the world everyday.  There's no petition for that  :'(


I signed the petition, but I fear that until the Japanese general public has a change of heart, this won't do much good.  I was pleased to see that there were almost 10,000 signatures though.


I mentioned this yearly event earlier in Dave's article about the rare SHARK.
I'm very glad you found the actual petition and links. :)

It's really awful and tragic and pointless. 
And most of the people that could have the most effect on changing this - the Japanese - don't even know about it.

Even if they did, the idea to "petition" or "speak out" is really a foreign concept.



I couldn't watch but 45 seconds of the video.  But I did sign the petition right away and passed it on.  We all just have to do what we can.


What the $#&*!!!!  I feel like screaming right now.

I was able to watch the entire thing, although I was horrified by it.  I don't understand how anybody can stand there and torture living things in this way.  And nobody can argue that it is not torture.  There are so many things I will never understand about people...

Thanks for posting the petition link.  I signed it.


This was horrific!  What is wrong with people?!?!  >:(

Keep signing and passing on this link to all you know.  Even an omnivore would be appalled by this!
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