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Dog Fighting Bill

Please help me by writing/emailing this State Senator in Georgia to pass Senate Bill 16 regarding passing an anti dog fighting law in Georgia. I really don't care for the Senator, and if you read the article, it still protects "hunters" (groan). But this Bill is personal for me.

One of my rescue dogs King, was used as Pit Bull/Dog Fighting bait as a puppy. I rescued him when I lived in Florida. I was actually at the Ft. Lauderdale City Pound rescuing another dog Jolie, and they put her in an injured dog run out back. When I went into the back to go get her, I saw a 5 or 6 month old German Shepherd lying in this long run, on a cement slab in his own urine and feces. He could not stand, was licking at himself (his wounds),and his food and water were on the other side of the run (he could not get to it). I asked about him, but they said he was not available for adoption and the vet would be looking at him MONDAY (this was a Saturday). I thought about him all weekend, and on Monday after calling and begging, they finally said I could come and get him. It turns out he had been used by some thugs as bait for other 6 month old pit bulls for dog fight training. I took him to my vet and the vet said he was in very very serious condition because his open wounds (you could actually see his intestines) were severely infected. He told me the next few days were now life or death for King. I don't pray, but i stayed at that vet with him almost everyday from open to close....usually just holding him and petting him. He stayed at the vet for over 5 weeks. To this day, he really can't run, can't get on a bed or couch without a little assistance. But he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet (and my biggest dog....he's huge). He loves everyone, and every type of animal. Skunks, cows, ANYTHING. (there's more to the story, I had the vet at the shelter fired, and the animal control officer fired and also brought up on cruelty charges...... but I'll tell the rest another time).

Here's the article (so you can read how backwards Georgia still is). it's a small step forward, but one that needs to be taken:

Write to Senator Chip Rogers and ask what you can do to help (email is here):

King and I both thank you!


I have just contacted the Senator.  I'm sure I'm not alone on this site in stating that I appreciate your noble efforts to help companion animals.


Glad you got the other "vet" investigated and axed...the sad part is this "person" probably felt justified in not attending to King because it would be considered that due to trauma he would be unadoptable...or indeed that it "wasn't worth" helping him. I am so angry I am shaking as I type. There are no words for this sort of behaviour. Apparently they forgot the first line of the oath: Primum, non nocere. (First, do no harm.)
And I will now stop before I am in full, glorious auto-rant.


Thanks Yabbitgirl.....I'll just give you the brief details...
King was found on a Friday night, a women in a trailer park near the airport called about King. She said she saw some guys dump him (I love that nobody investigated it). The Animal Control Officer that picked King up was near the end of his shift and instead of dropping King off at a 24 veterinary emergency center in Hollywood, FL..(which I found out, was what he was supposed to do)....he just brought him to the Shelter and left him in the injured dog run. There was no vet on staff on the weekends there. Nobody else there did anything for King over the weekend. He just laid there in critical condition. When I saw him that Saturday, they would not give him to me, they basically told me he was not for adoption. When I finally was able to speak to the vet on Monday (after calling about 5 times) he said he was going to have to "destroy" the dog.....I remember his words....he said, "that dog is in a bad situation, and I'm going to have to destroy him." I kept telling him I wanted the dog...finally he said OK, but I had to get him out of there fast (like I wanted to keep him there?!?!?!).
When I got there, he had King in a little cage in his office. He never gave him an antibiotic shot, or even cleaned him up. I had to sign a release. I stole the card that had the Animal Control Officers name on it and showed where he picked King up and what time he dropped him at the shelter (dropped him at 5:59pm...his shift ended at 6pm).....
the rest you taking the card......that had everything I needed on it to get them both fired  ;)


I stole the card that had the Animal Control Officers name on it and showed where he picked King up and what time he dropped him at the shelter (dropped him at 5:59pm...his shift ended at 6pm).....
the rest you taking the card......that had everything I needed on it to get them both fired  ;)

lol.  you're so awesome Dave!!  ;D

i've contacted the Senator, too.  hope we can help and it passes!!!


Ya know, I sometimes think that the reason some people choose to believe that animals have no souls is because they don't want to think they might have to answer for how they treat them....
A psychiatric clinician I know once told me that one of the symptoms they use to determine if a person is a possible psychotic is cruelty to animals...
This is yabbitgirl shutting herself up aGain... >:(


I just was checking the news back home in Georgia and found out that THIS BILL PASSED! King and I thank any and all that helped out and wrote. :)


Awesome news, Dave!  I'm very happy for you and all the dogs in the state of Georgia!!!  Give King a big hug for me!!  :)


I was surprised that dog fighting is (until the law goes into effect) legal in Georgia.  It's been banned in Texas for a long time.  They still catch dog fighting operations all the time.  It's just gone semi-underground.  One of my husbands co-workers used to openly discuss how he raised dogs for fighting as a hobby!  Disgusting.  They fight roosters too but I don't hear about those operations getting busted. 

Good job rescuing King and getting him some justice at least in regard to those who were supposed to be his rescuers!  I wish I had the capability to rescue a dog but we don't have a fenced backyard and have 5 cats in the house and my DH doesn't want to have a dog until he has the time to spend with him.  It's so sad to see a dog behind a fence that just begs for any kind of attention when you walk by! 

I did rescue a possum once.  We didn't know it at the time but God sent us on a mission.  We took a stupd wrong turn and got "lost" just north of this itty bitty town.  We stopped for DH to look at the map and I noticed large plastic storage bin with the lid taped shut all around with silver duct tape.  They must have used half a roll!  I got out of the car and went over and ripped enough tape off that I could peek inside.  I could barely tell that there was an animal inside!  I yelled for DH to come help me and just about then a lady copy drove up.  She told us to stand back and she finished removing the tape and turned the box over so the possum could get out.  It looked a little stunned and was very slow moving probably due to oxygen deprivation.  There weren't any air holes punched in the box!  It was probably just minutes from suffociation.  How anybody could be so cruel amazes me.  I guess like with"food" animals, they figured they were going to kill it anyway so how they tortured it didn't matter.  I so hate Texas sometimes!

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