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did anyone hear this? soy causes cancer?

my mother in law called us up the other night and she told us "you better stop eating soy it causes cancer".

Now mind you, this woman is full of conspiracies and "takes" pieces of things she hears and forms her own conspiracy.  If you ask her for "supporting evidence" she can't come up with any.

I was just wondering if anyone has heard this before..I've heard conflicting things about soy (much like everything else..there's always 2 sides one saying good one saying bad), but never that it causes cancer.

MIL also came out with "soy causes boy's penises to shrink" when my husband first started eating vegetarian.  ::)

I have heard so much of this garbage over the years about how bad soy is for you. I've been offered websites to look at....etc. The way I look at it, is I only use Non GMO soy, and organic soy. I also know in my heart that soy AND a strict vegan diet are better then anyone that puts out this stuff while munching on Micky Dee's or a pepperoni pizza while writing it!

What's better to eat tofu, or a BHG filled, antibiotic filled, over vaccinated, slowly decaying slab of beef?!?! :D

See my posts about the wacko that says "soy makes you gay"! throw it out!...or if you can recycle, and reuse it, do that!



Everything causes cancer.


Isn't the reason people are worried about soy the plant hormones? If I remember my high school chemistry lessons , then the plant hormones are completely different than human body hormones - in fact, I think I remember reading somewhere that it could even slow down the production of hormones, since it tricks the body into thinking it's already produced enough. Let me go see if I can find the site...

Hence phytoestrogens can act as anti-oestrogenic agents by blocking the oestrogen receptors and exerting a much weaker oestrogenic effect compared with the hormone. As a consequence it has been suggested that they might partly suppress or inhibit normal oestrogenic activity in oestrogen-responsive tissues such as breast tissue and may reduce the risk of breast cancer.... Phytoestrogens are found in the seeds, stems, roots or flowers of plants, serving as natural fungicides and acting as part of the plant's defence (sic) mechanism against microorganisms... The main classes of phytoestrogens are the isoflavones, coumestans and lignans. Isoflavones are receiving a great deal of commercial interest at present; they are found almost exclusively in legumes, the soya bean being the most abundant source.


That link will take you to "Soy Concerns."

In short:
Soy doesn't cause breast cancer. In fact, if it's estrogen-fed, it might actually help, since it reduces the amount of estrogen your body produces. I'm not if it would help all cancers, but as davedrum said, how can forcing big macs, pizzas, hydrogenated oils , sodas, and so on be healthier than plants?

I encourage you to do more research and get all the answers to your questions from several unrelated sources, so you can decide without propaganda on either side.  ;)

Hope I helped.


Oh, and in respons to the men's fertility issue:


just goto and join!
I, for one, believe their research,....with an open mind of course...but they do have the studies done back up their claims.


ugh hydrogenated oils..I hate them too. I've cut them out of my diet as much as humanly possible..the cool thing is my local grocery store started carrying an organic line called Nature's promise. Their cookies and chips are outrageously good. Every time I go shopping i notice that they are releasing more and more of their line.


Prostate cancer and heart problems run in my family and the vegan diet is the best protection against these conditions because a vegan diet lowers cholesterol and soy can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  I firmly believe that my family members' omnivoric diet contributed to these bad genes, making them more susceptible to health problems.  Time will tell if I get these conditions but I doubt I ever will due to the vegan diet.

So the rumors that soy causes cancer or it bad for humanes is just hot air.


...everything causes cancer...
but, animals that are pumped up with growth hormones are the reason 7 and 8 year old girls are going through puberty now.
cars cause pollution and pollution causes cancer, not to mention that gaping hole in the o-zone that will eventually lead everyone in a few generations to die slow painful deaths
the thought of how horridly dairy cows are treated caused emotional termoil to some (me)
my family throws all those arguments at me too...
i attempt to hold intelligible discussions with them which turn into them doing nothing more than yelling belittling statements, which i suppose they expect to "shame" me into "becoming normal again"
people just grasp at straws to prove themselves right, because god forbid people would actually be different.  and it is completely unheard of that some would hold the treatment of animals high on our list of moral values, right?
that's what's wrong with our society, most people are so freaking self-absorbed that they can't see or care to see the effect of their "conveniences" has on living things around them.

>:( hmph!


this same topic was brought up a few months ago. here is the thread. there are some interesting replies in it:


I belong to a weight-loss support group started for omnis and they're always sending in articles on "studies" proving that whatever is the latest wonderfood, or whatever else is the latest deadly carcinogen. "Studies have shown" seems to be the latest buzzword...but unless they tell you Which study, made by Whom, Where, When, and with What stats...chill out. Here in Europe we hear "An American university..." and over there it seems always to be "a study" in Sweden, or France, or somewhere..."a study" of which we Europeans are totally unaware.
As a piece of desktop graffiti at my old college said: "Cancer causes mice." Whenever you get down to brass tacks with these carcinogen studies, it turns out that you would have to be consuming some completely surreal amount, like say 20 lbs of soy (or whatever) a day for years on end, to get the same effects.
And of course we all know that pressure groups sponsor studies, too. As MMMrealfood says, it depends on who you talk to--and when. This month's wonder food (eat all you want and LOSE WEIGHT!) or cure-all drug is next month's dangerous poison, being whipped off supermarket shelves.


As a piece of desktop graffiti at my old college said: "Cancer causes mice." Whenever you get down to brass tacks with these carcinogen studies, it turns out that you would have to be consuming some completely surreal amount, like say 20 lbs of soy (or whatever) a day for years on end, to get the same effects.

I'm glad you brought that up.  The Japanese put MSG in *everything*  (they sell it in BAGS for home-use even.) and they're still quoted as being some of the healthiest and longest-lived populations.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't use MSG (i don't eat processed food here.), but the FDA's use of it as a poster-child of  EVIL FOOD additives makes me wonder if it's not in the same category as the above where you would have to be "consuming some completely surreal amount, like say 20 lbs ...or whatever... a day for years on end, to get the same effects. "

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