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Consumer Reports interactive supermarket animation

This charts how organic goods stack up against conventionally produced ones.  I hate the interface (I'd rather have a spreadsheet!) but I like that they refer to scientific testing on each specific market good!

Especially note the information they include in the "why" don't bother with organic cosmetics-- it's eye-opening and disturbing.  Go cruelty free conventional, I suppose.  Sheesh.

On the other hand...

The Economist talks this week about how consumer spending patterns are making a difference in what kind of goods are produced and successful (in this case, organics!)  Go, consumer dollar votes!

Thanks for the link-it was very confirming. About the cosmetics, that was unfortunately confirming too: organics is now a business, not so much a passion. It's about getting the label so they can get more money, not about taking care of our earth, and protecting people. >:(


Duckalucky, thank you for this!

I would like to highlight something that they mentioned;  buy local if possible!!  If you have the opportunity to visit a local farmers market or tailgate market, do so.  It is a life-changing experience to, for example hold a conversation on the best way to cook beets with the woman who grew them.  You'll never buy produce from a grocery store again (OK maybe bananas, but there aren't any farmers around here who produce bananas  :))  And it tends to be cheaper on the whole.  And you dollars stay in your community, not to a corporation that moves headquarters every few years to avoid taxes and environmental legislation.

My two cents...


cool, thanks for the link Duckalucky!!  great info along with being quick and easy to use and understand. 

looking at the fruit and veggies, I guess it makes sense that the ones that have the thicker, inedible skins and outer layers are maybe ok to buy even if having had pesticides used versus the fruits and veggies that have the thinner skins and skins we eat since they will absorb the pesticides much more. 

interesting about the cosmetics.

good info to pass on to family members even if not veg*ns...     ;)


Has anyone heard similar information for staples like flour, sugar, etc..?

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