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Can someone please tell me what to eat so I don't always feel hungry!?


I never feel full, I always feel hungry!


Hi Sarah!

Well, try adding more fruits and veggies to your diet, but also just eat a little bit more of everything.  Try whole wheat pastas, beans (maybe make burritos, tacos, enchiladas, etc.), sandwiches, soups (lentil, split pea, vegetable, pinto bean soup, etc), oatmeal...

As for snacks, I like to have: carrots & hummus (YUUMM), fruits (fresh/dried), small sandwhich, crackers, anthing you feel like really.

Maybe if you always feel hungry you're just not eating enough, so don't be afraid to add that extra portion onto your plate!!  ;D

Have a good day!!


I think that's a pretty common problem, but it seems to have gone away for me. How long have you been (I presume) vegan? It takes some time to adjust and get used to being hungry, honestly. North Americans are accustomed to eating until full and we eat until ALL hunger is gone - well past the needed amount for nutrition. I'm always at least 20% hungry (very scientific number), personally, and now that I'm used to that it does not bother me at all - I actually feel better. Now, if you're feeling REALLY hungry, all the time, then that's different.

That said, snack! Eat three moderate meals, with snacks in between. Some folks just eat five/six small-medium meals per day. Throw in some starches, bread, oatmeal - things that stick. I've started my days with oatmeal for some time now (yes, I'm boring) and it dulls any hunger pangs.




I second the fiber/whole foods suggestions, but also, try to get a good amount of fat into your diet- healthy fats, of course! and preferrably raw. Avocados, nuts, coconut oil and other cold-pressed oils help with the hunger feeling. Obviously don't overdo it. ;) Maybe you are getting too much sugar?


I agree with vegdave... you should eat 5 times per day... Breakfast is really important, then a mid-morning snack (it could be some fruit or crackers or whatever) then a nice lunch with veggies and fiber and all that yummy stuff, then a mid-afternoon snack (I find frozen grapes and chopped carrots very useful) and then a nice diner...oh, and make sure your 3 main meals are rich in protein cause that's what makes us feel full I think...


Fiber! fiber! fiber! And a Huge Breakfast!
Dr. Fuhrman of Eat to Live, says that sometimes when you cut out refined foods you will begin to feel "hungry" at first but it's not real hunger. It's the withdrawal symptoms of the refined foods. It takes awhile to get that out of your system.
Also have you changed the way/times you eat? Grazing... eating all day, sometimes makes you feel like hey I'm eating all the time! I must be hungry all the time! But it may have become habit.

And be careful! If you tell omnis that you are not feeling full they may say it's lack of protein etc. which is totally untrue. If you are eating plenty of veggies (super fiber food!) then you will be getting MORE than enough protein. 100 calories of broccoli has twice the protein as 100 calories of sirloin.

BTW, if anyone who needs PRO veg nutritional "stats" to support their diet to family, friends, doctors I TOTALLY suggest reading Eat to Live, or Disease Proof your Child by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.


"100 calories of broccoli has twice the protein as 100 calories of sirloin."

Uh... I've heard this sort of statement before, but I don't know how backed up it is. I just did a comparison of brocoli and loin steak and got the following:

1 serving loin steak
180 Calories
26 g Protein

26 / 180 = 14.4% protein (or 0.144 grams of protein per calorie)

1 serving brocoli
31 Calories
2.57 g Protein

2.57 / 31 = 8.6% protein (or 0.08566... grams of protein per calorie)

So on 100 calories you get 14.4 for steak, and 8.6 for brocoli (*IF* I got my math right)

Not that this should discourage anyone, of course, just that there are certain myths in the vegetarian community floating around. You can definitely get enough protein from vegetable sources.


Just want to add that you may actually need to drink more water.  Dehydration can make you feel hungry. 


You didn't mention how active you are. If you are accustomed to being very active during the day, you can burn most of your food off without even realizing it.

If you are very active or work out a lot, eating at the right times can help. Always eat a snack 30-60 minutes before working out and then eat a recovery snack/small meal within an hour after finishing.


Hi VegDave,

I don't know where you got those numbers, but I totally agree with your math. Just what exactly is "a serving" of broccoli and "a serving" of sirloin?

I have no idea how accurate this is.... but here is where I got the info for my statement:
Adams C. 1986. Handbook of Nutritional Value of Foods in Common Units (New York: Dover Publications).

Nutrients present in 100-Calorie Portions
                          Broccoli                          Sirlion                  Romaine Lettuce
Protien                  11.2 g                                          5.4 g                                11.6 g
Calcium                  182 mg                                          2.4 mg                                257 mg
Iron                        2.2 mg                                            .7 mg                                7.9 mg
Magnesium            71.4 mg                                          5 mg                                  43 mg
Potassium              643 mg                                        88 mg                                  2,071 mg
Fiber                        10.7 g                                            0                                            12 g
Phytochemicals        very high                                        0                                        very high
Antioxidants            very high                                        0                                        very high
Folate                          107 mcg                                    3 mcg                                  971 mcg
B2                                .29 mg                                      .04 mg                                  .71 mg
Niacin                          1.64 mg                                      1.1 mg                                  3.6 mg
Zinc                              1.1 mg                                        1.2  mg                                1.8 mg
Vit C                              143 mg                                        0                                        171 mg
Vit A                            6,757 IU                                        24 IU                                18,571 IU
Vit E                                5 mg                                          0                                        3.2 mg
Cholesterol                        0                                            55 mg                                    0
Sat Fat                              0                                              1.7 mg                                  0
Weight                              357 g (12.6 oz)                      24 g (.84 oz)                      714 g (25.1 oz)

Sorry the chart is so horrid looking. I had to type it all myself... Icouldn't find a copy online. Kale was also on there but I left it off. ;)
Anyhow, maybe this Adams guy's numbers are wrong... I don't know. All I know is it's not just a rumor I heard, I did actually read it and saw numbers to back it up. So........... I dunno...........?


Definitely eat breakfast--this is the surest way to get your metabolism on track. If you're going to eat a big meal this should be the one. You should make sure to get some protein early too--a spoonful of p.b. in your oats, scrambled tofu, a fistful of nuts. The protein/fiber combo really works for me. I eat most days around 7:00 am and I'm not usually hungry again until around 11:00.
I also agree with the other posts and recommend drinking lots of water. Sometimes our body will send hungry signals to the brain that are really indicating thirst. Hummus is a particularly good snack, if you're starving, with some whole wheat pita or veggies of any kind. Even as much as a 1/4 cup will usually hold me over.
I hope this's no good being hungry.


Yes to breakfast and to midmorning and afternoon snacks...I usuallly have fresh fruit which is refreshing as well as healthy. Maybe you need a more satisfying, rib-sticking munch at your main meals. Can you eat tofu? I find it very filling and it stays with you. Mushrooms too, have a satisfying chew and taste, and stay with you. And of course nuts...just 10 walnut halves (or almonds) is a filling snack that makes you feel happy.
Kudos to whoever mentioned the many of us interpret thirst as hunger. Drinking plenty of cool, clear water keeps you clearheaded, as well as feeling a bit fuller. Drink herbal teas if like me  you live in a cold house. The next time you're cross or in a bad mood and don't know why, reach for a drink of may find out you were actually thirsty.


For me, the magic food is lentils (altho potatoes and bananas are also good at time) A big bowl of lentils always satisfies  :)


definately eat breakfast! i like to eat something like oatmeal/kasha/grits with dried fruit and nuts and yogurt/soy yogurt into it. also eating lots of peanuts...walnuts.. potatoes... those t hings seem to stick with me better. drink soy yogurt blended with juice or fruit instead of just drinking soda or something (im terribly addicted to "apple sidra" soda, which isnt so bad for you by way of soda, but still, trying not to get a habit haha)


Thanks Everyone, I really appreciate it! I will take all of your suggestions into consideration and hopefully won't be so hungry! :)

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