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The Atlanta News Certainly Loves Vegans!

Now the mother of the man whose baby died due to "starvation" and NOT from being fed a vegan diet is worried about her son. One needs to eat...period! His mother thinks he is going to die because of his vegan diet.....and that is how the Atlanta press is covering it! Read the first sentence...ugh!

Time to write a letter to the editor! >:(...d**n....I'm going to invite some of the reporters on a 5 mile run in the mountains here to interview me while we run....if they can actually even finish the first steep uphill mile that is!  :D  Maybe they should do a story on a "healthy vegan" and show people what one looks like, and what one eats. Let's see what kind of response I get...I'll keep you posted! ;)

-dave...the "angry" vegan this morning!

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