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>.<!! - PETA News Article About KFC

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"In July 2004, PETA revealed the results of an investigation into a KFC-supplying slaughterhouse in Moorefield, West Virginia, where workers were caught on video stomping on chickens, kicking them, and violently slamming them against floors and walls. Workers also ripped the animals' beaks off, twisted their heads off, spat tobacco into their eyes and mouths, spray-painted their faces, and squeezed their bodies so hard that the birds expelled feces—all while the chickens were still alive. Dan Rather echoed the views of all kind people when he said on the CBS Evening News, "here's no mistaking what depicts: cruelty to animals, chickens horribly mistreated before they're slaughtered for a fast-food chain."


Ban KFC.

Because animals have feelings too.

yeah, i've read this kind of stuff about KFC before. ya know, if you are gonna kill some animal so you can eat it (when you really don't have to) you should at least treat it with some f***'n respect.  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( :'( :'( :'( :'(


Agreed. Chickens are living sentient beings capable of feeling pain and distress. What these chickens go through is just completely unacceptable, and I, personally, am very upset. To the point where I might hold a petition against the KFC here. >.<

Cruelty to animals is unacceptable.

Which is why I became a vegetarian. *^-^*


Ugh. It always upsets me that when people have little power, they invariably exploit and abuse it... to feel more empowered, I guess, but it's not terribly pleasant.



I live about 30 minutes from the plant where this happened.  It is absolutely disgusting.  Unfortunately, it is one of the largest employers in our depressed (and depressing!) area.  However, I try to do leafletting at one of our 5 local KFCs every chance I get.  If anyone else is within an hour of Moorefield and wants to get in on the protests, let me know. 

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