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Weekly Giveaway: Neuma Hair Care Products! Midnite is the winner!

Have a few free minutes while the rice cooker is preparing your perfect dinner? Well, time for beauty! Hey, don't judge, sometimes that's the only time to fit in self care. I know, I need to prioritize. Until then, I'll be slathering goodies from Neuma ( in my hair during my few free moments. These plant-based hair protectors use organic extracts, its production is 100-percent wind powered, and it's packaged in 85-percent post-consumer recycled bottles. So, it's good for the environment, and my locks? Please excuse me if I let the water boil for awhile, I've got some pretty partying to do!

For a chance to win a kit filled with moisture shampoo, moisture conditioner, and argan treatment (so fancy!), let me know what your favorite rice cooker meal is!

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, September 21st at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random!

Good luck!

I too lack this magical kitchen device, but the one time I used a rice cooker, I made some really nommy yellow rice....It was even better than the packaged stuff, and I didn't even need MSG! :D

Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Neuma...I dig what they do. I'm personally avoiding haircare products for myself, but I know a few people to whom I'd LOVE to give this stuff as a gift.


I've never thought of using it to making more than just rice!
but I like making black rice a lot.


coconut milk with the water, bout 1/2 n 1/2 lime juice lime zest and sweetened shredded coconut. yummy


Midnite is the winner! Congrats!



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