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Weekly Giveaway: The Fresh Bartender & an en eco bottle! Winner is GFveganmom!!

This week's newsletter is my kinda newsletter, it's all about delicious libations and their non-alcoholic counterparts! Yes, please!

To celebrate the many drinks of summer, we're giving away a copy of The Fresh Bartender: A Guide to Healthy Parties and Festive Juicing by Jordan Maerin, featuring loads of recipes and tips for veggie cocktails, mocktails, and hors d'oeuvres, plus a Navitas Naturals stainless steel eco bottle to transport your delicious creations.

For a chance to win, let us know what your favorite summer cocktail or mocktail is!

Winner will be chosen (at random!) on Tuesday, July 21st, at midnight PST!

Good luck!

NOTHING beats a fresh margarita... fresh lime juice plz... none of this pre-mixed B.S. they sell... yuck


Frozen watermelon mojitos! Yum!!! :D


I make my own cucumber infused vodka.  One 1/2 gallon of Trader Joe's Vodka of the Gods and 1 large English cucmber sliced about 1/4 inch.  Put these two ingredients in a glass jar (I have an infuser jar but a sun tea jar would work, too as long as you can get the lid on airtight).  Let this sit for 2 weeks, shaking once a day.  On the 14th day, strain the cucumbers out and put the vodka back into the original bottle (make sure to save it). Then, here's what I do with it...

Make the best bloody mary EVER!  Use the cucumber slices for garnish.  In my bloody mary I also add JD's bacon flavored salt and wizard's worchestershire sauce plus fresh grated horseraddish.  You can't beat the cucumber taste in the bloddy mary! ;)b

Enjoy responsibly!


strawberry daiquiris, for sure. I just went strawberry picking last week, then had some friends over and we made so tasty! Even better when you put a whole berry or two on top. mmm


tequila sunrise is my all time fav, I look making them and putting extra cherries in it. :)


I started drinking micheladas in Mexico-- it's a beer cocktail, basically.

You start with a cold mug, then rim the glass with salt and chili pepper. Then in the bottom you throw a bit of lime juice, vegan Worcestershire sauce (yeah Wizard!), and a dash of hot sauce, then add ice and the beer. Stir, and serve! Sounds weird, but I LOVE IT. I'm not much for sweet cocktails, so other than the bloody mary, there's not too much out there for the savory crowd, but I adore this one.


The winner is GFVeganmom with:

Lemonade + gingerale + Raspberry vodka = ahhhhhhhhh!

And any blended margarita will do.  Its like a slushee with booze!

Yay! Congratulations GFVeganmom! I'll be in contact soon to get your mailing address so we can get you your prize!

And everyone else, the new giveaway starts up in just a couple hours so keep an eye out! Woohoo!


congratulations!!!  ;)b




wooo congrats, hope you get to have some fun parties with the ideas from that book : )


Congratulations!!! :D


Nice!  Your lemonade-ginger ale-raspberry vodka cocktail sounds good!



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