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Weekly Giveaway: Fair Trade Bag from World of Good! DalVeg is the winner!

Being vegan is great for the Earth. You know what else is great for the Earth? Shopping in ways that align your personal values with products that reduce harm and create jobs. World of Good ( is a company that sells items that better the lives of the buyer and seller. Pretty freaking cool. This week, I'm giving away a unique eco friendly bag made by women in New Dehli who collect a fair wage to transform discarded plastic litter into the cutest toes around. Who knew reclying could be so fashion forward? The creativity of these women is inspiring. I mean, I can't even sew a button on a shirt and these people make on-trend bags with garbage? I hang my head in shame. In addition to being absolutely adorable and socially responsible, the bags are produced and purchased under Fair Trade conditions. Love.

For a chance to win the bag head over to our, let me know your favorite zucchini recipe!

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, August 10th at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random!

Good luck!

DalVeg is the winner! Congrats!!


Yay!  I love the cause and I love the bag.  Seeing as my main reason for adopting a vegan diet is environmental, this bag is so appropriate for me.  Thank you, VegWeb/Webmistress Laura/World of Good!  :)>>>



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