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Weekly Giveaway: Cork handbag from Michelle B! phinxae is the winner!

If you've had enough chocolate for one newsletter (traitor!), let's move on to shopping. I know I'm playing into every sterotype for a woman, but I love it. I especially love it when it's eco-friendly and adorable. That's why I'm super excited about this week's giveaway, an all cork handbag by Michelle B ( I mean, how freaking gorgeous is that? I need one in every color! Plus, since it's made of cork, it's sustainably harvested, vegan, and durable. I want one very badly, and so if a "Webmistress Baura" happens to win this week's giveaway, just know that it's not me. She's some new girl, don't know her yet, but she looks very attractive and smart!

For your chance to win this super cute handbag, let me know what your favorite chocolate dish is!

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, March 15th at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random! Must live in USA to win.

Good luck!

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I'd have to say the chocolate banana cake recipe my wife made last night was epic. She did it as cupcakes with toasted coconut on the top. I must admit that being a normal carnivore made me reluctant to try different vegan options, but after the past almost week of diving in head first, I might not go back. Never knew what I was missing (and I feel much healthier


I am more than satisfied with a piece of rich dark chocolate melting in my mouth. Peppermint dark chocolate is phenomenal! However, I also just had a chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling last night that was just as swell... :P


Straight up dark chocolate bar.


double chocolate chip cookies...oh my god yum!


The winner is phinxae! Congrats!!



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