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Weekly Giveaway: The Blooming Platter by Betsy DiJulio! jpepin is the winner!

Sometimes a person has to look outside of VegWeb for a recipe. I know, it's scary, but true. Luckily for us, there are about a million amazing vegan cookbooks out there! One of my latest favorites is The Blooming Platter by Betsy DiJulio ( Filled with recipes like Southwestern Tempeh and Corn Pie, Blooming Vegetable Calzones, and Spicy Baja Tacos, it'll have you full until next Winter! Besides, it totally needs its own category in Cookbook Lab, and I think you're just the person to start it!

To win a copy, let me know what your favorite rainy day eats are! Giveaway ends on Tuesday, May 3rd at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random! Must live in USA to win.

Good luck!

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soup. always want some soup on nasty, rainy days. It just feels comforting.


On a rainy day it's all about breakfast/brunch foods... a fruity vegan coffee cake, a vegan omelet bursting with veggies and homemade "cheese" sauce... and some organic, fair trade coffee...  and a fireplace!


any (vegan) kind of chili, stew, soup!


spicy chili!


jpepin is the winner! Congrats!!



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