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Weekly Giveaway: 22 Days Nutrition Bars & Shirt! tiffyqueen is the winner!

When all that hearty fall comfort food gets to be too much, you can slow things down by turning to bars. No, not the places that ply you with delicious alcoholic beverages, but those nutrient-packed health bars. There are so many great vegan versions on the market, but I'm currently partial to 22 Days Nutrition Bars ( These vegan bars are specially formulated using raw and organic superfoods to leave you satisfied and filled with energy. Energy that you can use to make even more fabulous fall comfort foods. See, it all comes back to VegWeb! 22 Days also has a darn cute logo, and we're giving away one of their super-soft bamboo t-shirts, along with a couple of tasty bars, to one lucky VegWebber.

To win, just let us know what your favorite healthy vegan bar is!

Giveaway ends Tuesday, October 4th at midnight, winner will be selected randomly, must live in USA to win.

Good luck!

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My favorite is Lara Bar Cherry Pie.




Oh, chai tea luna bar for me! I'm a sucker for anything chai...


tiffyqueen is the winner! Congrats!



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