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Valentine's Chat with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau!

Join us for a very special Valentine's-themed chat, featuring compassionate cook, baker, and inspirational VegNews columnist, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau ( The award-winning author will offer timely advice on all things love—not just the romantic variety, but also how to be a joyful, happy vegan year-round, despite international turmoil. To sweeten your palate as well as perspective, she'll also share her favorite chocolate recipes for a V-Day full of love, happiness, and all things chocolate. Stop by the VegWeb chat room Thursday, February 11, from 6–7pm (PST).

How was it?

I'd say it was OK.  But then again, I think I was expecting something else... I thought it was going to be more geared to food cooking/baking questions.  I kinda felt like it was all over the place though.  Good, just different.

I didn't go to it because I didn't want my personal info posted in pdf, like the last time (and now I see the chat session wasn't posted, so I could have gone).  BUT - if it was like the last time, people chat in between questions, which was really kind of cool, because the cooking/baking questions get precedence.  Since most of it was chatter, I got all of my questions answered.  Think of it as talking to someone in a noisy room.


mixed reviews. oh well, she's awesome no matter what.



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