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Thanks, WML...

The Recipes by Category page is loading a lot faster and better now. Before, it took forever to load the photos and was really annoying because just as I'd try to click on the category I wanted, the screen would flicker and change and I'd end up somewhere else. Which really ground my beans! It's much better now!
Thanks!! :)>>>

i m new here  :D


Hi there kirod and welcome!

Hope you enjoy the recipes and the community as you continue to explore!

I recommend heading over to the Happy Hour forum and the Roll Call! thread. But don't be afraid to pop in on and comment on or start new threads. We really are all here to help each other out!


Thanks WML>>>>for bringing new fun and life to vegweb in general! I was skeptical about all the different boards, but I really think it is better and easier to find things. You make everything so fun. I love being here! You are so hands on...I feel like I know you!

Let's turn this into a we love WML thread! Maybe there already is one...I don't read ALL of the boards (there are too many) . Ha ha. I'm kidding (about the too many boards).


I second turning this into a WML appreciation thread. She and her crew have done an amazing job since taking over administration at VegWeb. I love that they have been so open to user suggestions (and sometimes complaints) and have remained so enthusiastic about improving the site!

-The redone newsletters are awesome... I especially love the personal touch WML gives with her suggested recipe and spotlight on a featured user.
- Personally, I really like the reorganization of the forums... I think they're much easier to navigate, and I think I've become a little bit more active on the boards as a result.
- The giveaways are pretty cool too. I haven't won yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

;)b Thank you WML!


You guys! OMG! <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much for the love and good vibes...I adore VegWeb and I'm having so much fun here!

I love all the honesty and feedback in the forums too because I feel like you're all really watching out for the site and want it to grow in the best possible way, and I feel the same way. I don't know, it's just a great community! You're all the best!


love the new forums..........
LOVE the newsletter
love vegweb
Thank you!

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