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Superstar VegWebber of the Week: kristinv!

This week's Superstar VegWebber is kristinv (;u=129599)! She's a mega-Superstar in the Cookbook Labs forum, and I'm actually following her reviews of Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites almost exclusively, and finding amazing new dishes because of it! The Cornbread Stuffed Poblanos review especially got me going and holy moly, they are freaking amazing! So thank you, kristinv, for inspiring me to add a couple more pounds of compassionate chub to my behind. You rule!

VegWebber since?  January 2010

Vegetarian, Vegan or ?  Vegan

Where do you call home?  Lawrence, KS

What do you do when you're not on VegWeb?  When I'm not working or hanging out on VegWeb, I like to create recipes, take nature walks, meditate, and spend time with my hubby.

Do you have blog or website?  A vegan cooking blog,

Do you tweet?  I tweet under my blog name @morethantofu (although not as often as I should!)

One unique thing should know about you?  I can do an awesome Wendy Williams impression

What’s the best thing about being vegan? (if you are!)  All the delicious, cruelty-free food!

Favorite romantic recipe on VegWeb?  Hmmm...not sure. I'm not very good at the romance thing.

Favorite recipe on VegWeb to make for non-vegans to show them how amazing vegan food can be?  General Tao's Tofu (from rubybean77)

Favorite healthy recipe on VegWeb? Creamy Hummus, Restaurant Style (from trisa)

Favorite VegWeb recipe for Halloween? Peanut Butter Cups (from kayti)

One thing you wish you could make vegan but haven’t succeeded at yet?  Feta cheese. I didn't like the recipes I've tried so far.

#1 Cooking secret/tip?  I like to add a dash of cayenne powder to creamy sauces and gravies, because it intensifies the other flavors.

Best music to cook by?  Bob Marley

Three people you'd most like to have dinner with?  Moby, Thom Yorke and Bif Naked

All time favorite restaurant?  Cafe Gratitude

French fries or ice cream?  French fries with sea salt

Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk?  Plain soy milk

Tofu, tempeh, or seitan?  I love them all, but tofu is my favorite.

Congrats Kristin! :)


You ARE a cookbook superstar! :)




Awww, thanks guys  :)>>>

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