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Superstar VegWebber of the Week: JessaCita!

JessaCita (;u=65018) is totally awesome. She is actually one of the VegWebber's I've met in person! It was a little over 2 years ago, she was out in San Francisco, and we met up with mutual friend Melisser for karaoke! I am pretty sure that I embarrassed myself beyond belief singing something like Nelly's Hot in Here, complete with stripping off of clothes. BUT I'LL NEVER ADMIT IT. Oh wait. Anyway, she was an absolute delight and tons of fun and it's so cool to get to know her better here. Man, all the best people turn out to be VegWebbers. True story. Plus, The Domestic Vegan is a seriously great blog and her tweets are always entertaining and interesting, and often make me laugh. Three cheers for JessaCita!!

VegWebber since?  2006

Vegetarian, Vegan or ?  Vegan!  (In fact, my three year veganiversary is this month.)

Where do you call home?  Minneapolis, MN

What do you do when you're not on VegWeb?  Cook & eat, mostly.  Run & do Pilates so I can cook more & eat more...  Read.  Drink tea.  Hang out with my friends, my family, and my boyfriend & our adorable toothless rescue Pomeranian, Mabel!

Do you have blog or website?  Yes, The Domestic Vegan:

Do you tweet?  I do...  @DomesticVegan.

One unique thing we should know about you?  I have been the same height since 5th grade!  I used to always be the tallest girl in school, taller than all my friends & ALL my crushes - and then I just suddenly stopped growing when I was 11, and I've been 5'5" ever since!

What’s the best thing about being vegan? (if you are!)  Jeez, where to start?  Besides the amazing world of food that has been opened up to me, it is truly a wonderful feeling to live in a way that reflects my values of compassion & nonviolence.  I know it sounds a lil' corny, but it's so true!  For as difficult & painful as it can sometimes be to be so aware of all the cruelty & injustice in the world, being vegan also provides me with an overwhelming feeling of peace to know that I am LIVING my values & making a positive difference.  I just love it & it's the BEST decision I ever made!

Favorite romantic recipe on VegWeb?  Vegan Brownies!  (  (Don't forget to add vanilla!)  There's nothing like sharing delicious chocolate with your love!

Favorite recipe on VegWeb to make for non-vegans to show them how amazing vegan food can be?  Cheesy Bean & Cheese Enchiladas!!  ( - But I only use one onion (and cook it before baking), and add a few other veggies like bell peppers & mushrooms.  SO GOOD!

One thing you wish you could make vegan but haven’t succeeded at yet?  I love the challenge of veganizing non-vegan dishes, as well as creating completely new, original recipes - but one thing I have yet to master is vegan angel food cake!  I know it can be done somehow!

#1 Cooking secret/tip?  Don't be afraid to be a little heavy-handed with spices!  They're the most important part of any dish.  I almost always add more than what a recipe calls for (especially cinnamon!), and I always get a flavorful, delicious result.

Best music to cook by?  I usually listen to podcasts while cooking (whut up, "Cosmopolitan Hour"?), orrrr stream trashy '80s rom-coms through Netflix (yesterday it was "HouseSitter" starring Goldie Hawn, thankyouverymuch) - but for music, I love Rilo Kiley.  Tom Petty is another cooking favorite for some reason, and I also love soundtracks from musicals because I am a DORK.

Three people you'd most like to have dinner with?  John Robbins (my hero), David Sedaris, and Chloe Jo Davis (Girlie Girl Army).

All time favorite restaurant?  Aaaaah, so hard.  I once had a completely amazing meal at Millennium in San Francisco that I have to mention, but I adore Jasmine 26 right here in Minneapolis, as well as French Meadow Bakery & Cafe, and Namaste (a fantastic Nepalese restaurant that has the best dal EVER).  Sorry, that's a very non-committal answer, but I have to keep my options open!

French fries or ice cream?  Coconut Bliss, please!

Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk?  Almond is my favorite, especially homemade!

Tofu, tempeh, or seitan?  Ooh, I love all three, but if I have to choose, I'll go with tempeh.

CONGRATS, JESS! You are my favorite VegWebber eva!  :)>>>


Hell yeah, Jess!


wooohooo congrats Jessacita, just looking at your blog now - you're making me hungry! : )


finally! congrats!!


Awesome Jess! I love your blog, great recipes! I love French Meadow Bakery and Namaste too! (Also LOVE Neopolitan, which if you're in MPLS you have def. been too.)  I have never heard of Jasmine 26, will have to check that out!
Congrats, you rock!

ETA: lol, ECOpolitan...


woot! One of my favourite VegWebbers!
JC rocks this collective forum's socks.  ;)b


Okay, I am totally lame & COMPLETELY missed this post when it was new!  :-[  Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!  :)>>>


Oh, and Laura - you DID sing "Hot in Herre."  'Twas amazing.  You didn't take off all your clothes, but everyone in the audience was waiting for it, and we were all heartbroken when it didn't happen.  Maybe next time...


How did I miss this? Congrats you sly dog you!




Haha, PM, this was like 9 months ago!  :)>>>  (But thank you!)


I missed it too!  congrats!!


Wow, talk about someone who deserves this honor!! Jess is the best! We all love you, sweetie. Thanks for all that you do!! xoxo

p.s. Ha! I just saw the date on this....which would explain why I was like "I can't belive she's just *now* vegwebber of the week!" It all makes sense now...


Haha, PM, this was like 9 months ago!  :)>>>  (But thank you!)

;D And so it was. I just checked the dates. I'm a little slow. Hahaha!



CONGRATULATIONS Jess you so deserve this :)

Being a newbie you have really helped me out and just wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU ...Love Your Blog. Keep up your FANTASTIC work :)>>>

Just checked the date(LOL) but I guess better late then never when telling you how great we think you are


Thank you, 4MB!  That's so sweet.  :-*


Congrats, Jess!


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