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After much contemplation, I have decided to step down as administrator of I miss spending time with my family and that is my number one goal right now. Because I want what is best for, I naturally thought of VegNews to take over the site. VegNews is known for its excellent publication, VegNews Magazine, and has an impeccable reputation within the vegan community. So I am excited today to announce that VegNews has agreed to take over will remain separate from VegNews' website,, but VegNews will be able to apply their resources toward maintaining What this means for you is that there will be an active staff working to add recipes, answer email, run the forums, and everything in between.

I am happy to tell you that Laura from VegNews will be the new administrator for, and I know she will do a terrific job. I have full confidence that she will expertly handle the little ups and downs that occur in the forum. She is already helping to add recipes in the queue and is familiarizing herself with the administrative areas of the site. Laura will be posting here shortly to introduce herself—I know you will enjoy having her in the community.

I would like to thank all of you for helping to make what it is today. It is your recipes, reviews, helpful comments, and more that make such a wonderful, welcoming place. I look forward to seeing it not only grow, but thrive under VegNews' administration. I have registered under the username of yvette, and I look forward to being a part of the community for some time to come.

Thank you for everything!


Laura will primarily be using her Webmistress Laura account for all administrative purposes. The "admin" account will remain available for use by VegNews staff in general.

Farewell Y, and can't wait to see you posting!

Welcome WML!  Can't wait to see the greatness that you bring here!


Thank you so much for all the warm welcomes! You all (and the truly awesome Yvette) have created such a fantastic site! We hope to expand on it's excellence but we'll definitely need some help from the community!

As far as changes, I promise this won't they won't be Big Brother big! I'm going to start a forum on things you'd all like to see changed, added, thrown in the garbage, etc and I hope you'll contribute. It's obvious that the community is vibrant and filled with ideas and I'd love to hear them!

Hi Laura,

Totally forgot to welcome you!  The magazine is awesome and I am sure you will be a wonderful addition to the crazy's on this board.

We are like a big family.  We agree and disagree.  Yet we all have a common ground that hold us all together.

The thing I talk about that causes some disagreements is I believe dogs, cats, hedgehogs and other pets should eat what they were designed to eat. 

I feed my dog a raw diet (started May 20th and her health has vastly improved in that time), hoping to get my cats to do the same.  Home cooked for years and then listened to the wrong people and tried kibble.  Nothing good has come from that.  My hedgehog has to eat a non vegetarian diet.  Or she would die.

None the less, it has led to many thoughtful discussions.

I wish you much success taking over this board.  Yvette was amazing so you have some big non leather shoes to fit in to.  Hee hee hee.  I know you will do a wonderful job.


Veg On.




Thank you, and all the best to you and your family!

LeftieLady  ;)b


Thank You, Yvette, for everything that You do.
You've worked so hard to make VegWeb what it is today, and I'm glad You're able to give more much-deserved attention to Yourself and Your family. And clearly, You're leaving Us in good hands. I'm also really excited to see Your new profile! ;)

and Welcome, Laura!
I can see that You're already doing a lot for the site and community, and We're all really glad to have You on board. <3



I wanted to add to the many, well-deserved Yvette-lovin' that's going on here.

This is absolutely the #1 site I've directed any veg-interested people to. Not only is it like having all your friends write intelligent (and funny!) notes in the world's biggest cookbook, but despite the squabbles, it's the most welcoming vegan community I've ever seen online. There really is a common value of "we all want the world to be a better place" that shines through in the thoughtful advice people give, the birthday wishes, and the long explanations that folks invest in.

Yvette, none of that good karma in the world would have been possible without your foresight, immeasurable amounts of time and attention, and most of all grace. Not just the VW vegans, but the humans of this crazy planet owe you a HUGE piece of carrot cake :)

Thank you - may you truly know how many lives you've positively touched.  :)>>>


Thank you, Yvette, for all the heart and hard work you put into creating a compassionate VegWeb community. I wish you and your family well.

To Webmistress Laura, I extend a warm welcome. I was so excited to learn that you are now on board with VegWeb. Thank you for joining us.


Thank you for all the continued warm makes me feel greeeeaaaaaat! We're working hard to keep VegWeb the same excellent community that it is and hopefully make it even better!



This site made my transition from vegetarian to vegan so easy! It's because of this site that I eat better now than I have in my entire life! I cannot tell you how much of an impact it has had on me and my family.

Thank you for everything!



This site has been a lifesaver for me as well. Thank you so much, and I wish you happiness!


You are awesome Yvette!  TY for you're awesome contribution to my life as well as the countless veggies looking for advice, recipes and support in this "non-veg" world.

You're "time off" is well deserved!

Thanx again...


Thanks for everything!  I've gotten lots of yummy recipes from your site, and will doubtless continue to do so in the future.  Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do! 


Yvette. I am on this site 24/7 and I can not seem to get enough of it. Thank you for helping me feed my picky husband and our baby. Otherwise I would be lost and eating rice and beans :o) lol jk I love this site and I will continue to be a rpoud member and knowing that there is someone behind this web site that actually cares about it and devotes there time otherwise spent with there family to help people like me make awesome food, makes me so happy. Thanks a bunch


Thank you Yvette for your hard work! I love vegweb. This may be a strange story, but when I moved to the middle east I felt so lonely. I found vegweb and made it my hobby to cook the recipes and post the pictures. It made me discover things about myself that I wouldn't have been able to. It helped me transition into life in the middle east by myself. Good luck with your future and thank you again for such an amazing website.


as I live and breathe


What she said..



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