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You gotta be kidding me...

So, my hubby doesn't claim to be a vegetarian, but eats veg almost all the time; loves vegan food; steps into debates with omnis (which i have been known to participate in, hehe) arguing for the veg team; has watched/ read/ heard all the things that have influenced me, ie 'Eating,' 'Food Inc', 'Eating Animals,' 'Skinny Bitch', 'Diet for a New America', etc and says, yeah, man, that's way fucked up... Happily eats vegan @ home, and generally orders vegetarian or sometimes shellfish-a-tarian, at restaurants...

We went out to dinner last night, at local delightful Indian restaurant, with vegetarian/ vegan deliciousness all over the menu... and he orders: lamb. Seriously. Lamb.

??? :-\ :(

WTF? I don't get it... how is it possible for a person to know all about the health/ environmental/ ethics issues inherent in meat consumption; AND know how similar other mammals are (from a neuro & physiological perspective) to cats & dogs, which he would never deliberately harm/ would go to great lengths to care for & comfort; AND know how good & satisfying veg food is; AND... still eat the shit?! In his defense, he's had some heavy emotional shit going on lately, due to grief & loss issues... maybe he's just so stressed out it's affecting his judgment...?

I try to be conscientious about not pushing my views on others, & have always preferred the 'lead by example' approach... but I wanted to say (slap!) WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!! **LAMB** ??!!!! (slap!)

I didn't. But. I thought about it! Especially the slaps!... He's really a good guy in general, and I'm not quite prepared to strangle him yet... but geez louise!

How do you guys handle this kind of moment? say eww? say nothing? move to the next table & pretend you don't know 'em? Egads! Problem behavior!

:( Maybe he is just really depressed/emotional, and not thinking logically? Maybe he just didn't truly think about what he was doing?

Did you try to talk about it at all?

Seems like he probably just DIDN'T think about it or didn't want to, and was just able to forget about what he knows. Obviously I don't know him, so I dunno.

First, I would probably just make sure that he's OK, and try to talk about it (his well being/problems he's having/how he can be helped).


Yeah... his dad passed away recently, & he's been struggling to cope... maybe this was about a 'comfort food' thing? idk-- didn't talk about it... was rather taken aback, at the time, & not sure I could say anything that didn't sound hostile! But would like to have a plan for if it comes up again... maybe it was a one-time deal...?  Hope so.


Yeah, hopefully.



That one's hard.  I probably wouldn't even bring it up non-judgmentally until it happened a few times, but watching him eat that would be hard.


Yeah.   :-\

The whole thing was pretty out of character in a couple of ways-- the eating of it, & also the obliviousness to how much it would bother me to be at the table with it... both= atypical behavior, & I'm not sure which bugs more.

I've gotten accustomed to a certain level of on-the-same-page-ness, dammit!... & prefer it greatly...


I wouldn't know how to handle it myself.  Not in any completely respectful way.  Just not into respecting disrespect.  This is why I won't get seriously involved with anyone who isn't on the same page of ethics as myself.  Of course, things are much lonelier this way.

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