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What do you do with your bf/gf/SO for dates/fun?

Thank goodness we are getting to Spring because I can't take anymore TV watching inside! What do you guys do for fun? We go see movies, get totally absorbed in shows like Dexter and Weeds, play video games, go out to eat with friends.....we are not too creative here.

Oh man, I need a pool for naked snuggles! Nice!


we are also guilty of sitting side by side with our respective computers out. oddly, one of the things i enjoy most is sitting on the couch with him while he's working and im doing my homework. it's just pleasant.

DH often sits at his desk in the office with me either on the sofa next to it or at my sewing machine behind him. 

We just got back from a community theater production of "Something funny Happened on the Way to the Forum".  Opening night, bring a book for the library and get a $5 ticket.  I think he has  another play at a different local theater planned for next weekend.  We are fortunate to have 3 amateur/community theaters within a 1/2 hr drive plus many professional ones.  Two weeks ago, I was at his final performance of "Arsenic and Old Lace".

The farmers' market opens tomorrow. :)>>>

With the nicer weather and longer days, we will spend more time at the nature parks in the area.

We have been spending a lot of time together planning our trip to Yosemite that starts in 2 weeks, what hikes we want to do if the roads are open, what we want to see . . .


Yay, so nice to get to travel together. I hope your trip is great! I have gone on a few trips with my bf and they always turn out sort of disappointing and tiring. I think I'm bad at trip planning. And planning in general.


This is a great topic since I feel we need the same kind of advice.  it can be hard, with work and chores and such, to take time together.
I second taking weekend day trips- it can really add a lot to your relationship when you've been staring at the same four walls for so long.  Going out to eat, going for a hike, seeing a show together- just freaking being in a new town makes life look a little brighter before Monday hits. Plan it out beforehand (disregard plans as needed), pack snacks, make a mix for the road, etc. 

Make a really big effort to know what's going on in his/her work, too. It can be boring but intelligently discussing what to do about a work situation, or just ranting about the office suck up, helps understand all aspects of their life.  Also, this way you can talk about work for a little and get on to more interesting things. 

One thing we like to do is tell funny stories from our childhoods, what it was like growing up, etc.  I feel like I truly know my partner as a person since I know some of the dumb preteen stuff, the cute little kid stuff, etc etc.  It really brings you closer.  I hide valentines or letters randomly around the apartment.  Redecorate a room together (only if they wouldn't find this painfully excruciating)  Cook together and make something new. Make up a stupid puzzle where the answer is something super dirty (I like making pictograms, the harder and more bizarre, the better.)  God, we are cheesy. 



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