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relationship give & take

hi folks.

I'm having some trouble resolving some relationship stuff. I'm sure the internet is not a good advice source, but here I am. I'm basically bad at saying things to get across what I mean. (ie people misunderstand me, I sound like a jerk, etc)

Anyway, I'm seeing someone & have been for a few months. I like her but I feel like I give alot and it isn't really reciprocated. Not that every little thing has to be even, but I AM a poor student (literally, I haven't been able to afford my rent since about december, even though I work etc). I cook alot and she eats at my place pretty often (like a few breakfasts/dinners a week). She doesn't really cook so I've never eaten at her place. She doesn't usually offer to help chop/cook/do dishes. We sometimes get groceries together and split the bill, but usually keep them at my place and I cook everything. We haven't done this since before xmas break.

Basically, I am frustrated and stressed because

a) I have no money to provide food for a second person,
and b) I feel like a housewife, although we don't live together, and I like cooking for people once in a while but I don't want to be a housewife!

I'm not sure how to talk to her about this. I feel like she needs to be more independent of me, and more understanding of my lack of money. Yesterday on campus I took out $20 for lunch and she had no food, so I bought some for her, and all of the money was gone by the end of the day. We rarely buy each other food on campus.

Anyway, on top of my job cutting my hours, struggling to finish school and trying to find a new job, this is really stressful to me even though it seems small. I suppose this post is mostly for venting, but I don't really know how to talk to her about it without hurting her feelings. I feel like I give so much and I can't afford to, especially when I don't get much in return. anyone have a simliar issue?


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