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My boyfriend sucks

I just got home from college summer classes about a week ago and have been baking up a storm (I loveeee to bake) I've made some seriously awesome cookies, banana bread, cinnamon rolls, brownies and even this amazing cake from Vegan With a Vengeance (which i was up till 1:00am baking!). My family couldnt even tell the baked goods had no eggs or dairy. The absolute only thing my boyfriend likes is the cupcakes that are loaded with sugar. He's turned his nose up at everything! Mind you he is an omni and when I talk to him about my veganism I can instantly see his eyes glaze over and his brain switch to "I do not care" mode. I get so angry and tell him: you don't want to know/see what's going on but you're going to shove that S*** in your mouth?!

We've been together 4 years this month and I have been vegan for about 6 months. He still goes to McDonalds, drinks a TON of soda (Like two of the HUGO drinks from mcdonalds in one "meal") and does not exercise at all. When we first got together, he wore a size L or XL shirt- he is now wearing a 4XL. I can't even stand to get romantic with him anymore because of his bulging belly and sheer yuckyness.

I guess i'm just ranting- but really, does it sound like a "me" problem or is my angriness justifiable?

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