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Love stories

So, I'm pretty sure its the final end for me and my first love of 2 1/2 on-off years.  He's finally found another person to love, as opposed to just random flings with people.  I'm doing surprisingly well.  I'm living my life and trying to accomplish things that were slowed down for me.  Just sometimes it gets tough not to think about it.

I wanted to hear wonderful stories about how people found themselves 'getting over' or living their life after a love, doesn't have to be first love but some first love stories would be nice.
I hear so many people say how they still love their first loves and never really get over that.
I know I'm young and that after time it'll fade.  I hope I will find someone who will surpass that love later in life.
So stories are soooo welcome!!
Give me inspiration.

Love is a rough thing and a beautiful thing. Many philosophies state that in order to grow, evolve, and overcome things, destruction and heartbreak is needed. A hard emotional period is rough as hell, we've all been through it, but it will get better. Plus, a lot of life lessons and experience is gained which will expand your knowlege and help you in the future to reflect. Love opens  the door of your mind to another realm. It's a beautiful thing and an ethereal thing. I'm sorry that this is a bad time for you, but you will heal and have a lasting experience. You are a wonderful person and will heal and overcome this. You will wake up one morning and realize that there are things to appreciate and that love will come again when you least expect it. Take care and best regards! The future awaits you. Thinking and reflecting is rough, but thats a huge step! You're going through the grieving process excellently.  :)

Best regards,



Those are encouraging words Caitee.

A hard falling summer love swept m over oh say twelve years ago. We met at an art party, almost a rave. Natasha came home with me late that night, which actually was the morning. She stayed with me for a few months. Eventually after some persuasion she returned to her home situation in Texas. A few months pass and I traveled to Abilene to visit her. I was greeted with disrespect and coldness. I sort of just go up and left a day or two in, on a bus back to nyc.
Twelve years passed, a seven year relationship ended. I found Natasha on myspace. She asked to meet me in New York on a trip with a girlfriend. I rode the elevator up to her hotel room, perhaps the seventh floor, she was standing there beautiful as ever. She hugged me, placing her head on my shoulder and apologized for her actions so many years ago. She said she always wanted to come back but was afraid. I had been in a seven year relationship that had ended.
We stayed up all night talking, fell asleep beside her. It was like time did not exist. She has two daughters in Fort Worth, a single mother. She mentioned if she did not have the obligations she would like to stay. I had at the time work in Brooklyn and still own a house but unemployed in New Jersey. I am contemplating a trip to visit her in Fort Worth. I know deep down part of me loves her. Its just complicated making a relationship work.


It always takes two people to really want it, and life throws so many curve balls.
Thanks so much for the replies and stories.  I have a fascination with stories and figuring out things.
I'm actually doing really fine.  I might find myself sore in the heart but I'm a strong person who knows things happen for reasons and I know that my life isn't going to stop from this.
I'm actually in the process of bettering myself through my career.
I've never been the type who had a relationship define them.  My most important thing is to know who I am and know that no matter who comes and goes, I'll always have the greatness of me.
But thank you so much for the advice!

I get angry at the idea of time passing by and meeting up later in life, only because of all the lost possibilities.
But I know it'd be better to have it later than maybe not at all, especially if it is worth it.


I had my heart folded, spindled and mutilated by my first boyfriend in college, who broke up with me one night ("It just wasn't meant to be") and got engaged to my up-to-that-point best college friend the very next day.  Nice. So he dated me to get next to her. Charming.

Then I was in a rotten love-triangle thing for awhile. No comment.

I had just about given up on the idea when I walked into my DH's office to help a friend who didn't speak Spanish...and there he was. He looked up at me and I felt like someone had hit me,hard. I couldn't breathe. But being only 20 to his 37 and overweight and used to being the last kid chosen to play ball, I didn't get my hopes up. I didn't even have any hopes anymore.

A month later, after I went to that office with anyone who needed my help in the student group I was with, he asked me out. The first date we spent the whole time telling each other what a downer steady relationships are (he had just broken up with someone, nothing serious but not fun). The second date, 2 weeks later, we found ourselves engaged. I'm not sure quite how it happened.

We got married a year to the day after our first date, though we lived together for about 6 mos before the wedding.

On the 20th of this month it'll be 26 yrs so far.

It can be done.


Very beautiful Yabbit.  You really have an amazing story and I hope to one day have that as well!
I read somewhere that everyone should experience one heartache (and overcome it) in their lives to fully know your strength.

I'm looking forward to my future, working hard to attain myself.
But I'm definitely hoping to find something real and not settle for less.

At the moment, I hope my future relationships all get better, and I hope I don't find myself feeling like nothing will ever compare to my first love... because it was crap anyways (maybe it won't be too hard then). haha!!

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