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Having a pro-veg partner...

... is awesome! As most of you know I spent the summer living with dmarkd, aka gentleman friend of Catski, in Canada. He cooked vegetarian food for me pretty much all summer long, was my veggie advocate when we were with his family and he just sent off a snotty email to a company regarding gelatin in their sour cream.

What a hero! I feel like we complain a lot about the omnis in our life not doing enough, but this is one guy who goes above and beyond to make me comfortable.




awwww awesome! it is so cool to have a partner in crime <3


i couldn't imagine having a partner who wasn't supportive, so i really feel for those who do. ):

i'm lucky, though, because when i began dating my girlfriend over 3 years ago, it only took her a few months to become a vegetarian for me.  when i decided to go vegan she was all for it, too. since we live together, this makes me so happy. i couldn't imagine trying to kick all animal products living with a someone who wasn't. it makes life so much easier when you have someone you love to help support you in your beliefs & lifestyle changes. (:


I AGREE. I went vegetarian and was not expecting my marine husband to follow suit. I didn't pressure him, only informed him as to why I was becoming vegetarian. We were vegetarian together for one year until we took the vegan leap this past January.
He isn't a big cook, but an avid taste tester!

He's possibly the most perfect person for me.


aw so cute! it does make things much easier sometimes. my boyfriend became a vegetarian a couple weeks after we started step is to get him to go vegan lol. he usually doesn't like the food from vegan resteraunts, but he loves the food i cook.  :)>>>
even if your partner is an omni, as long as he/she is open-minded and understanding, things can work out beautifully!


Yeah I'm vegan and I really don't want to be in a serious relationship with someone who is stubborn in their reasons on why not to and just does not seem to have a sensitivity to animal life which may lead them out of being omnivorous, and all the way into veganism \: 

I like being respectful, but, if someone is killing an animal infront of you with their own actual hands, are you supposed to keep quiet and be respectful then, too?  :(

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