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WF chocolate chip bar

After having a healthy lunch (rice, beans, veggies) I decided I wanted something sweet & I had to pick up a few random things at the store anyway, so I went over to Whole Foods. When trying to decide between their vegan brownie or vegan cupcake, I noticed a vegan chocolate chip bar, so I got that.

OH MY GOSH!!!! It was soooo good! The texture was almost fudgy, like a brownie. If any of you frequent WF & see this, you have to try it. The ingreadients are so simple it baffles me though: Wheat flour, sugar, soy milk, canola oil, dairy free choc. chips, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract. How is this possible? It is VERY rich tasting. Must be a lot of sugar. I sortof want to try to make this at home beacuase it sounds so easy, but at the same time I wouldn't want a whole tray of them sitting at my house.

Oh I am nearly addicted to the Trader Joes Organic Truffle and  Organic Dark Chocolate bars.
For $1.99 you really cant beat it.


sounds like a normal vegan cookies recipe, but in bar form.
if you bake much you could probably just eyeball choco. chip cookies but use some soymilk in lieu of egg replacer.

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