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Veg*n pregnancy help

Hi vegwebbers.  Need some thoughts here as I'm in a bit of a conundrum. 

So I went to my ND yesterday and mentioned that DH and I want to start a family next year.  She is a big believer in the blood-type diet and told me that my type (O) is absolutely not compatible with a veg diet.  She thinks that most of my issues are related to the fact that I'm malnourished b/c I don't eat red meat and she said she doubts I could get PG, or carry to term if I did.  She's not anti-veg at all (type A should absolutely be veg), but thinks that it is really a bad idea for me personally.

I've been veg for almost a decade, and vegan for about half that.  I eat mostly whole foods I make myself and try not to eat too much soy, or too much of any one thing for that matter.  But honestly, no matter what I've done over the years I've never had that amazing energy so many people speak about.  I'm usually pretty even-keeled but worn out by the end of the day.  Mostly I have just chalked it up to getting older as I remember being full of energy as a child/teen, but her comments have made me wonder that maybe in my early 30's I should still have a lot of energy? 

I have researched the blood-type diet (as many people who eat a certain way probably have) and I remember thinking it was just so much bunk.  But her comments yesterday made me wonder about my lack of energy stretching back for years.  The thought of eating meat makes me gag and is NOT an option for me, but I am worried that I might not physically have the energy for being pg.

So my question is this - are there other Type O vegan women out there who have had perfectly normal pregnancies and felt fine throughout?

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