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Veg*n pregnancy help

Hi vegwebbers.  Need some thoughts here as I'm in a bit of a conundrum. 

So I went to my ND yesterday and mentioned that DH and I want to start a family next year.  She is a big believer in the blood-type diet and told me that my type (O) is absolutely not compatible with a veg diet.  She thinks that most of my issues are related to the fact that I'm malnourished b/c I don't eat red meat and she said she doubts I could get PG, or carry to term if I did.  She's not anti-veg at all (type A should absolutely be veg), but thinks that it is really a bad idea for me personally.

I've been veg for almost a decade, and vegan for about half that.  I eat mostly whole foods I make myself and try not to eat too much soy, or too much of any one thing for that matter.  But honestly, no matter what I've done over the years I've never had that amazing energy so many people speak about.  I'm usually pretty even-keeled but worn out by the end of the day.  Mostly I have just chalked it up to getting older as I remember being full of energy as a child/teen, but her comments have made me wonder that maybe in my early 30's I should still have a lot of energy? 

I have researched the blood-type diet (as many people who eat a certain way probably have) and I remember thinking it was just so much bunk.  But her comments yesterday made me wonder about my lack of energy stretching back for years.  The thought of eating meat makes me gag and is NOT an option for me, but I am worried that I might not physically have the energy for being pg.

So my question is this - are there other Type O vegan women out there who have had perfectly normal pregnancies and felt fine throughout?

I don't know her blood-type, but little2ant has 2 gorgeous vegan children, one that's quite new to the world. I'd ask her, she's a wealth of knowledge.


i would dump her, the blood-type diet is crap.

also, i never felt 'amazing energy levels' from going vegan. i do feel more energized when raw, though.


I'm type O...and while I've never been pregnant, I can speak on my personal experience with energy levels and such.

let me add that I'm not a medical professional at all, but this is based on my experience and what I've read about others':

When I first gave up meat, I felt alive and healthy, etc. etc...but I was also quite active at the time, and engaged myself in many activities that I enjoy/ed. I've had a few health problems NOT as a result of my diet between then and now. energy levels and physical capacity well below sea-level, if ya get me.  I've realized more and more that my physical and mental health really depend on not only what I put into my body, but what I do with it...

I've found that stretching for a few minutes every morning is a great way to start the day. If you've not tried it (or have and didn't get into it), Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for overall well-being. It really helps strength, flexibility, and energy levels partly due to the breathing exercises...When I feel tired during the day, I notice that it's usually when I'm slouching and not getting nice, full breaths. Mid-day stretching is always a good pick-me-up, too, and that'll aid in keeping good posture AND mental alertness.

It sounds like you eat well right now; a variety of whole foods is always good, but if your doc seems to think you're malnourished, perhaps you should have some bloodwork/other tests done to see if you're actually iron-deficient, or lacking some other nutrient(s).

Best of luck to you and your (hopefully) soon-to-be-growing family.  :-*


I've never even heard of the blood type diet.  I will say though that I'm type O (have no kids but that's by choice) and don't have a problem with energy even though I've been vegan for several years.  Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.


yeah, i don't buy it. its based on hormone systems and stuff. huh.

given that theory, i should be FANTASTIC being veg, since i'm A. but i am still tired a lot and have issue. at least the big ones vanished  ;)b

from what you say about your diet, i think your body would be ready for some babies. given no major issues, eating a good, varied diet will help.


The blood type diet is not scientifically proven. Eat healthy, exercise, you'll be good.  I'm type O and I find some days i have tons of energy, some days I don't.  My hubby is also type O (he's O+  and I'm O-) .  We eat the same stuff pretty much, he eats more snacks and cheese, whereas I try to avoid dairy, but if the blood type thing were THAT accurate, then we'd both have energy/lack of energy on the same days cuz we eat the same foods, and that's not really the case.  We differ individually, because peoples bodies are different.  Blood type has nothing to do with it =-p.

If you are tired though,especially when wanting to get pregnant, make sure your iron is where it should be.  Iron + Vitamin C = Happy body.


You know what kills me about the fearmongering about veg*n women not being able to carry pregnancies to term because of nutrition?? How many women, in general, have you heard of that have perfectly healthy babies when they're so sick all pregnancy all they eat are saltine crackers and popsicles and sprite? And really, there doesn't seem to be any population problems in India.


now i feel even cooler because
1. I'm type O and had two veg*n first was vegetarian with a small amount of dairy,
   my second was completely vegan (at age 36)

2.  pinkerbell thinks I am a wealth of knowledge!

8-) 8-) 8) 8)

I also think the blood type diet is crap. You will be fine. when you are ready, let me know and I can send you a list  of foods i made to satisfy all the nutritional needs....its hand written or else I'd just attach it here now. It hangs on my fridge!

I ate pretty healthily throughout, but honestly, not AS healthy as I could have, and my kids came out absolutely perfect! I think the second one was even more perfect than the first...learned to breastfeed easier, has a a more mellow  disposition, and is a tiny bit cuter  ;)  (don't worry, Noah said it and I didn't agree in front of him) .  Not that Noah isn't cute, but Lyle was just a cuter newborn. I'm sure its because of my vegan diet ;D

We did have a hard time conceiving the first time, but not the second.

Good luck......we need more vegans in the world, so go for it!

PS.  ive been veg a decade too, and vegan for about half!!! ;)b

ETA.....I never even told my doc I  was vegan. I mentioned at different times that I didnt eat meat , and then another time that I didnt eat dairy or egg, but I dont know if she put it together. I figured it wasnt her business. And frankly, I am always afraid if something goes wrong, people will blame it on the diet, so i just dont tell people!

I did mention it to my pediatrician....i wanted someone who could support the decision and he was cool with it, and even knew about b-12~ most docs dont!


Whats an ND?  Personally, before going into anything big like starting a family, I would find a good midwife who is supportive of my choices to be vegan.  I read about my midwife and all of the pre conception, pregnancy and even post birth things that she takes her patients through.  it seemed awesome and very thorough, and diet was a HUGE factor (shes also a holistic, naturalpath something or other).  Doctors like that are out there if you want one!  good luck!


I'm type O also.  Never been pregnant, but back in the day when I ate meat ALL THE TIME (my parents are very anti-veg for some reason) I was always tired and felt like crap.  I feel a lot better now that I eat better.

Get some bloodwork done like CW suggested.  You can find out about deficiencies or any other problems and fix them before you get pregnant.  Also doing yoga or even just going for a walk every day might give you a boost.


I don't know my blood type, but I was vegan all through my pregnancy and al the doctors were surprised at how smoothly everything went as far as it being my first. I'd like to think that diet had something to do with it. I think its important to find a veg friendly doctor. Some doctors tend to have "pet" diagnosis' and will always fall back on that. You'll want someone to be supportive of you if you plan to get pregnant, because if you think you're tired now, girl....


Kelsi, ND=Natural Dr if I remember correctly. it is pretty much a naturopath combined with an MD.

And I'm O-, been raised pescatarian, but very low fish consumption over all, and it never stopped my body from conceiving!! TWICE!! (Both unplanned and wound up not carrying them to term....but that is another thread, another story). While I think the blood type diet may have it's merits, I believe that if you look at the nutrients in the foods you do eat, it shouldn't be a problem. (ie instead of eating meat, eat nuts, whole grains and legumes, etc). I have friends and family who swear by it. But I also know that biologically, it is all chemistry, therefore if I get my nutrition/protein from whole plant based foods vs a piece of meat, who really cares? It is kinda fun though to guess other's blood type based on their food cravings....


Thank you guys so much for all your input.  I really needed to hear this from people who have 'been there, done that.'  I remember thinking way back when that the blood-type diet was crap, but it's great to hear from people with my same type who feel different and people with different types who feel the same.  As far as I'm concerned, there goes that theory right out the window.

The ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) did do bloodwork.  I go back in a couple of weeks to get the results.  I'll find out then if there are any particular deficiencies I have and I guess I'll address them the best I can without resorting to my blood-type recommended foods (i.e. red meat  :-X).  If the thought of eating meat makes me gag now, how could I possibly eat it when I'm already nauseous?

I decided to go to her because I feel very strongly that pregnancy and childbirth are not medical conditions that need treatment.  I am determined to do it (if it happens) as naturally as possible, and for me that means vegan as well as exercise, rest, etc.  The ND is about as natural as I can get here in IL.  Unfortunately, there is no licensure for lay midwives here, so any attending a birth can be arrested for 'practicing medicine without a license.'  I told my husband last night that he may just have to deliver his own kids at home  :).

Of course, all this is jumping the gun, so to speak.  We have decided not to worry about it till after the new year, but I want to be as healthy as I can be by that time.  You all have eased my mind so much, I really appreciate it.  I feel a thousand times better.

Little2ant, I will definitely ask for that list when/if the time comes.  I did some preliminary research for nutritional requirements, and I just can't imagine how much food I would have to eat to satisfy them.  Any input would be great!!

Thanks again, you are all wonderful.


So glad everyone has helped you, KRS! I will just add one last bit of info...I am a B positive, so I "should" be eating wild game and dairy according to the blood type diet. Yet, I have been vegan for 17 years, have an incredibly healthy vegan daughter (age 5), and have none of the health issues I had as an ovo-lacto veg or meat eater. I used to have lots of health & energy issues before going vegan, and they all cleared up.

The only other thing I will add is that I have a friend who was really into that diet and then became a vegan. She does very well on a vegan diet, but seems to eat more protein (beans, tofu, etc.) than I do. Some people just crave different nutrients. I'm sure that if you listen to what you are craving and give your body healthy solutions to those cravings, you will do wonderfully.

Keep up the good work!! ;)b

p.s. I was vegan all through my pregnancy as well, so my experience is that people who push fear on vegans who are pregnant are totally misinformed!!!


I'm type O and a pregnant (due in 6 weeks) veg*n- and, shall we say, a wee bit past the normal age for babies.

My doctors are delighted at the ease in conception, and the good health during pregancy to-date. They tell me whatever I'm doing, keep it up. I have their blessing for vegan/vegetarian eating (I do about half-and-half of each diet) - and they're traditional MDs - though obviously quite bright ;)

My personal feeling is to dump the ND and do what you know works. The blood type diet has no scientific basis, and I'm skeptical of any doc who would be so silly as to buy into it.

Blessings in your attempts to conceive a happy, healthy baby!

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