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Pregnancy Survey

Hey all you fabulous vegan mothers! Would you help out a vegan friend of mine by answering some survey questions she has for a school project? If you were vegan during your pregnancy, please answer these questions and you can send them back by pm if you don't want everyone to see.  It would be so helpful. Thanks!!

Plant based diet pregnancy survey

Did you have calf cramps during pregnancy?

Did you take any vitamins during pregnancy and if so what kinds?

How were your magnesium levels during pregnancy?

Did you smoke during pregnancy?

Did you drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Did you exercise consistently prior to getting pregnant?

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?

On a scale of 1- 10, how were fatigued were you during pregnancy?
One a scale of 1-10
What would you say your energy level was during pregnancy?

What did your baby weigh
At birth?

When did your baby say its first word?

When did your baby take its first step?

How many naps did your baby take a day and for how long?

Was your baby eating most foods you gave him or her?

What age did your baby start sleeping through the night?

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