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Pregnancy foods and suggestions…

Hi all, my husband and I have decided to really commit to getting pregnant. We have tried on and off for almost two years but with him traveling for work we always have bad timing. We had ALL sorts of test done (because we thought we could not get pregnant) and it turns out we are both fine. I am 30 and he is 40 so we are hoping to conceive our little one very soon. I know there are tons of Moms and Dads out there. If anyone has any suggestions on foods I should eat or stay away from I would greatly appreciate it!

I take Spirulina, flax oil, and New Chapters Organics Prenatal Vitamins.  I just gave up my morning tea (green, black and white) but am thinking about herbal teas, I just love to drink a hot cuppa in the a.m. and am having a hard time with out it! Any suggestions on things I can do to help my body and my spirit get ready would be so appreciated! Thanks everyone!!

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