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Pregnancy foods and suggestions…

Hi all, my husband and I have decided to really commit to getting pregnant. We have tried on and off for almost two years but with him traveling for work we always have bad timing. We had ALL sorts of test done (because we thought we could not get pregnant) and it turns out we are both fine. I am 30 and he is 40 so we are hoping to conceive our little one very soon. I know there are tons of Moms and Dads out there. If anyone has any suggestions on foods I should eat or stay away from I would greatly appreciate it!

I take Spirulina, flax oil, and New Chapters Organics Prenatal Vitamins.  I just gave up my morning tea (green, black and white) but am thinking about herbal teas, I just love to drink a hot cuppa in the a.m. and am having a hard time with out it! Any suggestions on things I can do to help my body and my spirit get ready would be so appreciated! Thanks everyone!!

Believe it or not, I don't have a whole lot to offer about this. I will suggest, however, that you stick with the green tea. Herbals are fine, but green tea has lots of good stuff in it--the black teas will draw iron out of your body though.  You seem to be on the right track already. . .I just cannot imagine what it's like to actually PLAN to get pregnant. . .seems like the way to go.

And about getting your body ready-- I don't know your current physical condition, but get into the best shape you can now (seems like wasted effort doesn't it?) I've done this pregnancy thing at least seven times--the better you are when you get started, be better you'll be able to endure all of it.  Wow! EVERYTHING's about to change for you!  :)  Get all you can out of every minute of it.


Check out DHA.  You can get vegan DHA and it's absolutely integral for your baby's brain.


When I was pregnant the doctor once asked me do I take any herbal stuff? I go, "No why is it bad?"

He said,"Yes" if I remember correctly.


Herbal Supplements are medications, and most all medications can harm a fetus. The typical cup of herbal tea doesn't contain anything harmful (e.g. berry, lemon, mint teas are nothing more than berries, lemon and mint). There are some herbal teas that contain herbal "meds" and those definately say so (e.g. don't drink an herbal weight loss or stress tea while pregnant).  ;)


are you at a good weight for your body? if you are too underweight (over overweight) it can be hard to conceive. caffeine isn't something that is supposed to be bad in small amounts.. personally, though, i think caffeine is much worse than our culture makes it out to be. it seems like you are doing things well already, so good luck to you!


You may want to take it easy on the amount of green tea you drink during pregnancy.
I know that tons of Asian women (I'm Japanese myself.) chugged the stuff when they are pregnant, but 9 months really isn't a long time to cut/decrease it in your diet.  I drank organic swiss water decaf coffee while I was pregnant, and some yummy herbal teas.  Just drink the ones that don't have medicinal purposes. 

I took acidophilus too keep me regular, and flax seed oil daily. 
Enjoy your pregnancy!!  I loved it, and love being a new Mommy!


I just saw a pamphlet from the Vegetarian Resource Group on this subject.  They have an online version:


I recommend hemp oil and nuts for all those good fats. If I get pregnant again I am going to use a ton!  Great in smoothies and on PB and J.


The PCRM has a new website called NutritionMD. I think you will find almost everything you need there. You can email them with any question. I hope this helps.

I think this is such a useful site that I'm going to post it for everyone on here that is not interested in this thread. Their new site looks like a great resource for vegans and back up our arguments to Omni's on healthy vegan nutrition.

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Have fun trying!  ;)

Sometimes overthinking something (especially as big as getting pregnant) can put your body into a high stress mode.  Which might make it harder to conceive.  Good luck and congratulations!

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