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patronizing doctor at hospital mini rant

Sorry about this, I felt I needed somewhere to have a little rant and get some advice as I remember from previous posts you guys have been around twats of doctors regarding your kids being vegan.

I got back from the hospital today after my little girl (who's 2) having a really bad sickness bug and becoming dehydrated and needing to go in on a drip.  She couldn't even keep a teaspoon of water down and had been like it for almost 2 days when we got sent to hospital.

Basically, this doctor wanted to put a tube up her nose and down her throat so that they could stick water straight into her stomach.  We wouldn't let her do this for several reasons - not only had 2 doctors and 3 nurses told us it would not work as the problem is in the stomach, therefore bypassing the mouth is just going to mean she'd vomit with a the tube in her still but also it's a really distressing procedure, even more so considering it wouldn't work.

After that the doctor refused to see us and sent in student doctors with a nurse to fit the drip (I swear it took them 7 attempts but at least they'd put on numbing cream so my little one didn't wake up).  I felt we'd handled the 'tube' section well.  We didn't make a big scene, she had the student doctors with her and I made sure it didn't seem like we were putting her down in front of them.

The next day, this morning, she had to come see us again to discharge us from the hospital.  She'd seen on some notes that Winn (my daughter) is a vegan, which I only told the hospital so that they cold rule out certain forms of food poisoning.  At this point she decided to go crazy on me.  She insisted that I have to have a nutritionist come do a home visit and that I just have to under stand that some diets just aren't approprate for children noting that it's not appropriate for most people.  I stayed calm and pointed out that I hadn't just cut out a load of food groups and was living on potatoes, noted a couple of things that we eat and get iron, omega 3 etc from and she said 'yes, but you see children are different from grownups, and she won't be getting her nutritional needs.'  I stayed calm again and pointed ou the main argument people have against the vegan diet for children (too much fiber etc) and how I was aware of it and what we did so it wasn't an issue.  I then noted that studies done on the vegan diet in children showed a slight lack of calcium took place before milk replacements and cereals were fortified with vitamins and minerals and therefore no longer relevant.  Her response was 'but children need different nutrition'

Thing is I don't actually mind speaking to people about what my daughter is eating, I don't think you can ever learn too much about nutrition, and I told the doctor this but I hate the way she did it.  I also notied that there were no vegan options for children (although there was a large vegetarian menu but every dish had cheese or milk in)  and I just feel sad that this infromation is being given by the nhs. I was thinking of getting information from the vegan society and sending it to the doctor.  I'd like to put a letter with it but don't want to seem petty but I really feel she was in the wrong and also, as I'm a 'young' (i'm 24) mum I think she was looking down on me and assuming I didn't know anything. 

Any advice would be great I don't want to just let this go and trying to find the right way to go about it. 

Thanks for getting through my rant, sorry it wasn't as mini as I'd planned!!

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