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Odd vegan family

Hi everyone! I am a newbie---to the forum as well as veganism. I was a vegetarian when I was 10 until I was 14, but I was the only one in my large family, so it became too hard, and sadly I gave it up. I just returned, first to vegetarianism, then to veganism, in the last couple of weeks. I have been married for four years and have a three year old son. My husband is not too healthy of an eater, and he is a big meat fan. I talked with him about becoming a vegan and did loads of research (I am a planner to the nth degree). He supports me but does not want to make the change with me. Of course, I am understanding of this since I was a meat eater when we met and when we married.

Right now, my son eats the vegan meals I cook, but he still drinks milk and eats whatever daddy feels like cooking him while I am gone. This is because I have not fully figured out what to do for his diet. I want to be 100% certain with him, as he is my little baby :) I will be taking him to the doctor in the next week or so, and I am frightened after hearing horror stories of vegans raising vegans and what their doctors have to say :( Also, I live in Kentucky, which does NOT seem to be vegan friendly. (I have to drive an hour away just to get a decent selection of vegan items) Any advice anyone has for vitamin supplementation and how I can do this in the healthiest way possible for my little guy, please let me know. Also, any tricks or stories on handling doctors that are not too keen on the vegan lifestyle for children would help tremendously.

My husband eats the vegan meals I cook because, well pretty much out of convenience. He still eats meat when I do not cook or when he is not home. I haven't had to worry (yet) about my son wondering why daddy eats something different. I will keep you all posted on that though haha. My husband is semi-supportive though. He has the typical questions and concerns regarding vitamins and nutrients for my son, but does not argue or hold a preference. I am very lucky because my son adores vegetables and fruits. I think I am also very lucky to have a husband who supports the change for my son, even though it is not something he would be interested in.

It is nice to "meet" all of youy, and I absolutely love this site already!!

Welcome! No time to post now, but I just wanted to say hi....
There are lots of threads in this forum about what we feed our kids. I wouldn't even tell the doctor if I were you. It's not really necessary information to share, unless he asks.
You will find all the support you need here!


Welcome.  I don’t think your family is at all odd… I don’t know for sure, but it is probably more common to have a mix of diets in a family .

There are some books by doctors and studies that support a (very low 10% fat) vegan diet as the healthiest diet for people…. like Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn , Dr. McDougall, to name just two.  They mention supplements to take.  Right now, the only supplements I take are flaxseed oil, B-complex, and vitamin D.  Most other doctors don’t have a clue about how damaging a high fat animal based diet is because they were not trained well in nutrition.

25% of people don’t survive their first heart attack.  Would your husband like to be around in case there are grandchildren?  …something for him to think about.  There are a number of ways that children also benefit from this diet that the average doctor wouldn’t know about.

I hope you are able stick with it and are able to bring your family along for the ride.


I'm in Nashville. Welcome, from your neighbor just south of you!

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