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Nannying omni children...

There's a chance that no one may really have advice on this because I may just be whining, but I recently became a live-in nanny for a typical midwestern family of omnis (parents included), who have no desire to adopt a vegan lifestyle. The parents are *somewhat* open-minded, but they still tell the kids that meat is necessary for kids to eat (ugh...). Little do they know that everything I prepare for the kids is at least vegetarian Wink. Anyway, EVERYTHING I eat or prepare has become scrutinized by the children and it's getting old. I thought the novelty of my lifestyle would eventually wear off, but it's been a few months and is still continuing. I get sick of explaining that I personally choose not to animal products every time I put something in my mouth. For example, just minutes ago I made my typical breakfast of oatmeal with rice milk and some fruit, and immediately the kids started saying, "WHAT is that stench?? Gross, how do you not eat meat??" Any advice on making these little ones more open-minded?

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