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My son calls soymilk "milk"...

(I'm all into posting about my son today LOL)

My husband and I are slightly concerned that our son calls soymilk "milk"
He's rarely away from one of us (LOL okay rarely away from ME!) and the few times he is we have a wonderful vegan babysitter who knows better.
But none-the-less it makes us nervous that he calls it "milk" and requests "milk" we try to call it "soymilk"
and when he says, "milk please" we say, "Oh would you like some soymilk? Sure, I can get you some."
But still.... ugh ::)
He also thinks fresh pineapple is cheese... i guess i cut it into little wedges and it looks like cheese... but how does he even know what cheese looks like??
He says, "cheEEEEEEEese!" for pictures then asks for "cheese please" and my husband and I laugh and say, "we're vegan silly!" (and furthermore the kid is allergic to dairy!)  ::)

Anyway... does anyone else with kids have stuff like this happen?

aww thanks guys, i think he's pretty cute myself.
Here something cute and random that he did yesterday....this is the funniest:
His favorite movie is Back to the Future (which he calls: "What Happened to the Car?" B2tF 3 is called "What Happened to the Train?")
He quotes stuff from it all the time, little stuff like "Great Got" (Great Scott) and always talks about "Doc"
So yesterday I'm in the kitchen cooking and he's behind me opening and closing a cabinet with gusto and I take a minute and stop and listen to him and he flings opens the cabinet door and says, "hey you! get you hand off 'er!" (from when george mcfly opens the car door and says, "hey you, get your d**n hands off her!") he shook his finger at the pots and pans and everything!
It was so cute!!!! I was laughing so hard!!!!!!!!




I just love this kiddo. He is so funny. My daughter and I have to watch it everyday.;D ;D
He is so cute! Crazy energy.. :D
He's Jennifer's boy. Isn't he so funny?



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