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Multi-Vitamin for a 3 yr old

Hi Everyone!

With a 8 month old crying baby in the background  :o  , I'll make this quick! My 3
year needs a new multivitamin and I want to look for something he could take
preferably in liquid form. He was taking Babyplex, but I don't think that's
gonna cut it for him anymore. Or will it??? I want something, of course,
vegetarian, hopefully liquid, but also NO sugar, too. So many kids multiples have sugar. Any

Thank you ALL!


Mine all take a gummie vitamin, but it is sugar free ( it has a small amt of fruit juice in it) and no gelatin.  We are out at the moment, though I do know I found them at Whole foods.

The liquid you are using is probably still fine, you just may need a higher dose.  I would check with your ped about dosages.

I assume he takes it in a liquid, like juice?  You can also find dissolvable tab vitamins which when crushed, easily disolve in liquid.  We do this for my son who needs 2 daily meds that come in pill form only.  He's 4.


I should give my pediatrician a call and see what she recommends as far as dosage.  Thanks for the input! 

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