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maintaining healthy pregnancy weight

I'm 8 weeks pregnant with our first and have been monitoring my weight each week, since I found out we were pregnant. I've lost a couple pounds and it's been a struggle to maintain my normal pre-preg weight.  I do eat 3 square meals a day - I've been struggling with nausea, so snacking during the day becomes quite difficult for me.  Has anyone else encountered this type of problem?  And if so, what did they do? I'm trying to not get too nervous about just a couple of pounds, but I do want to be as healthy as possible for our child.  Does anyone know any great high calorie nutritious vegan recipes that I might find? Or share their pregnancy story with me? I haven't gone through this forum to see what else might be on it, but plan to, so I'm not trying to re-invent anything. Thank you.

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