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Lunchtime visit?

Have a question.

I love my baby boy and loves me!  (it was cute, at the daycare today I one of the daycare workers said "he loves his mommy" when I was visiting during lunch and he was all over me like usual.)

Anyway...I love to be with him, and I want to visit during lunchtime.  He is so happy to see me when I go, and is so giggly and happy when I visit that it makes me want to go see him everyday.

But here is the problem, when I leave he ALWAYS cries.  And as a result I always cry. 

So my question is, should I not see him during lunch so that I don't have to break his heart and make him cry when I have to go back to work, or should I visit because it makes him so happy when I do so despite the fact that he cries when I leave?  I am torn about this!  I so wish I didn't have to leave him there!

as much as you like seeing him, i wouldn't make a habit of it. The workers will probably get annoyed with you...he's doing fine and then you come in and get him all upset again. if you were nursing him it would be one thing, but just to pop in seems disruptive. i would only do it once in a while-to see your kid, and also pop in to see how the daycare is treating him and other kids.

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