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I thought it was brought to me by the letter "W!"

Let me preface this by saying that we don't watch TV, so I live in the past a little as far as my perceptions of pop-culture. But, when I watched Sesame Street, it was always "brought to me by the letter W" or something like that.

The other day, my Mom bought my daughter a Sesame Street book for kids - I was surprised to see a picture of Bert and Ernie cooking near the end of the book. It looked like a "before" picture of the diet of someone who had had a heart bypass. Loads of meat, eggs, dairy, rich desserts - very little else. I pointed it out to my omni dh and he just said that they were selling - he said it was about money. I thought that was a little cynical. Then I noticed that our youtube Sesame Street videos were often sponsored by some junk food - but I thought that uploaders probably didn't control youtube sponsorship.

Finally, I went to the source. Sure enough, Sesame Street is sponsored by the Egg folks (as well as Wal-mart. I'm not anti Wal-mart, but they're definitely not the letter W!).

Next episode . . . Big Bird has a quadruple bypass and starts statin treatment.  :-[

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