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How to get your 16 mo old to eat a perfect diet...

Blend it up and put it through a tube right to their tummy! Seriously, my son is tube fed and has been his whole life. While I love the way feeding tubes can save lives, I still would not wish them on anyone, but as long as we have it, I must say, it is nice to be able to give him exactly the foods I think are going to make him the healthiest and not have to worry about him balking at taste or texture. He DOES balk and taste and texture, when he samples things by mouth, by it doesn't affect what he gets to "eat". Did you know that taking real food and blending it up to feed your child (or a adult, for that matter) is frowned upon by the majority of the medical community, the preference, instead, being for formulas of corn syrup and oil and isolated protein with a bunch of synthetic vitamins added. It's really crazy. My son is a lot leaner than other kids his age and his conditions already have him a bit smaller from the get-go, but he is HEALTHY and happy and so active on a totally vegan diet (we did have to use a special cow milk formula when he was still in the hospital - what can you do?). I am really excited to be adding to the growing number of people who are raising healthy kids on a plant-based diet and being an example of how great it can work if you just do some homework on basic nutrition (something so much of the country is lacking and, yikes, is that ignorance wreaking havoc!).

WOW! That sounds long do you think that he will have to use it?
I am glad he is doing well! Great to hear from you!
I wish I could get one of son is a HORRIBLE eater! Thank The Sharway for whitebean dip or he'd starve.

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