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Home Schooling

I noticed in care to share post, a number of people said they also homeschool. Not sure if anyone is interested but Johns Hopkins offers programs for kids and also Duke University. I believe one program starts at 3rd grade and the other at 6th.

Also I have been looking for 2 years for a nice online group like this one but for homeschool parents any suggestions. I just don't want to end up in group where all outings or conversations revolve around Chucky Cheese or Golden arches.

Also is anyone in Florida going to the homeschool convention in May?

It is so comforting to FINALLY have found an awesome group of people who share the same views on eating...    Thank you

You're talking about the Duke MAP and TIP programs, no? They work, sort of. I chose not to go to Duke anyway, so I never followed up on them. They'd probably be better for someone actually interested in the duke majors.

Off to work... gahhhhh


...I know Jennifer McCann over at Vegan Lunchbox blog homeschools her son...

me so confused... why would she pack a lunch for her shmoo, in a lunchkit (bento box, whatever) if he stays at home to be homeschooled?  why not just put it on a plate? I guess he'd go on field trips and stuff, but huh?


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