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Help! Taking care of omni children this summer!

Hi everyone!
Right now I am a nanny for a vegan family (baby boy-19 months). My husband has a new job and we're moving 2 hours away so I'm going to start working for a new family. During the girls' school year I won't be making meals at all just entertaining them after school but during the summer (7 weeks) I will be there for lunch. I am vegan and I am really worried about what to cook omni kids! The parents say they eat everything, but I don't know how much of that I believe, since most omni kids are incredibly picky. The mum said it's no problem for her if I want to cook vegan meals for lunch but I'm unsure of what to cook! I don't want to be stuck eating pasta and rice everyday.
These are ideas I have so far...please contribute if you have any ideas!:
kidney beans in tomato sauce
chickpea curries
stir fried veggies
crunchy fried tofu
hummus sandwiches
bean burgers
bean balls
red lentils
salads - if they like salads  :-\

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