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French toast?

Okay, going vegan with my son has been an uphill battle so far.  Breakfast is a bit of a challenge (as well as lunch and dinner). He is so picky.

I am looking for a good french toast recipe.  I have tried several, they always stick to the pan and are always so soggy and my son won't touch them.  I also would like to have french toast good enough to send to daycare for his breakfast. 

I had a success last night, he really liked dragonfly's rice kale casserole.  FINALLY something he will eat.  Unfortunately it has cashews in it so it can't go to daycare.  But anybody have any suggestions for cooking frech toast to it isn't too crispy (burnt) on the outside and isn't too soggy inside. 

What i have tried so far: non-stick skillet with oil, I tried baking this morning, he didn't like that either.  Ugh, why does he have to be so picky?

have you tried these french toast sticks?

they are good, the addition of cornstarch does make them less soggy than others I've tried


I usually make these:

My daughter loves them and begs for it.  There are a couple tricks to making french toast, vegan or otherwise.  Stale bread works better, but I don't usually have this on hand.  I take the bread and toast it on the lowest setting.  This drys it out a bit without browning it.  The biggest mistake I see people make is to soak the bread.  You want to put it in the liquid, immediately flip it and cover the other side, and then immediately put it in the pan.  Even sitting in the liquid for less than a minute will saturate the bread all the way through and leave you with soggy middles.  You only want to cover the outside.  I cook mine in a nonstick pan on medium heat with no oil and have never had problems with sticking.  My guess is that you're leaving your bread in the liquid too long and cooking at the wrong temperature, but that's just a guess.  I hope this helps. 

One other idea.  If your son likes to dip things, cut it up into pieces or strips and put the syrup in a different container to dip.  In my experience, toddler will eat just about anything they dip themselves.  Smoothies and waffles great for my daughter as well.  She also loves the pink oatmeal off this site which could be made other colors by using different fruit. 


theres a cookbook called Vegan with a Vengance, and they have a pretty good recipe for french toast, and they just add chickpea flour to the milk mixture. 


My favorite is the 'French Toast Sans Banana' on this site.

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