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Cleanse while breastfeeding?

Does anyone have any information or guidance on this?  I'm feeling gross because I'm taking a prescription and want to get this junk out of my system ASAP, but I'm worried a deep cleanse (juice fast, Master Cleanse, Colonix, etc.) would push the toxins into my breast milk.  I'm thinking that a week or so of 100% raw with some kombucha might be a safe start, but I don't want to reduce my milk supply, either. 

Any ideas for a gentle cleanse after baby arrives?

I'm not sure about giving you any ideas, you may want to ask your doc/midwife if they have any ideas. It's really important to keep your calorie intake up though, so you have to be careful not to cut too many or you may lose your milk supply.


I would not do it either. I too, worried about those things, but don't you think the body would work in a way to protect the baby? LIke maybe it will know to flush it out in your pee instead. Drink lots of water!!! LOTS!!! i think raw is a good idea though...for the nutrients sake.

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