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CALL TO ACTION - Ruby Tuesday Nurse In

I am updating this post because it is showing up in the top 5 search results for "Ruby Tuesday Nurse-in" on the major search engines.

UPDATE: 7/18/11 - Press Release

Breastfeeding mothers and their supporters are staging a nurse-in, scheduled for Tuesday, July 19th, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Ruby Tuesday in LaVale, MD.  A nursing mother recently had an incident while dining at the establishment. Another patron seated in the vicinity of the mother complained and asked to be re-seated. Instead of accommodating the request, the waitress involved attempted to rush the mother and her party into leaving while they were in the midst of their lunch.  The mother declined to leave and endured intimidation and embarrassment for the duration of her meal, which prompted the call to action.

Upon contacting Ruby Tuesday's district office, the spokesperson for the organization stated that Ruby Tuesday has a pro-breastfeeding stance and offered a sincere apology for the unfortunate incident.  Their policy is to offer to re-seat any guests that complain about the nursing mother, but never to disrupt the family's meal. The spokesperson agreed that the employee's actions were inappropriate and investigation is ongoing.

The public is encouraged to attend the upcoming event, which is viewed by both organizations as an opportunity for community outreach and support to nursing mothers.  As a sign of solidarity, attendees are asked to wear white or blue (the colors of the international breastfeeding symbol) to the event.  Organizers will be identifiable by the t-shirts baring the logo and will be available for group photos at 5:45 p.m. in the parking lot.

Supporters are asked to dine in small groups on a staggered schedule in order to avoid overtaxing waitstaff, thereby avoiding prolonged wait times for other customers.  Nursing mothers plan to enjoy their meals, nursing their children if and when they become hungry, in the manner that is comfortable to each mother and baby.

The group hopes to 'normalize' breastfeeding and provide a support system for mothers-to-be who may be considering nursing their children.

Approximately two weeks ago in LaVale, Maryland, a breastfeeding mother was requested to leave Ruby Tuesday's restaurant because she was feeding her child in public. This is a violation of Md. Health-General Code Ann. § 20-801 (2003) which permits a woman to breastfeed her infant in any public or private place and prohibits anyone from restricting or limiting this right. (SB 223)

The woman involved in the incident wishes to remain anonymous for fear of repercussion in a small community; however, members of the local La Leche League are staging a 'nurse-in' at the restaurant - tentatively scheduled for July 19th from 5 - 8 p.m.

Even if you don't live in Allegany County, you can participate. Organize a 'nurse in' at your local Ruby Tuesday to support women's rights!

You may also contact Ruby Tuesday's corporate office here:

Happy to hear the event flowed smoothly.  *ba ba bam*


F-ers! I used to nurse where ever and when ever! Bitches! I will totally write them a letter!


good lord, people need to stop making breasts such a big deal! Anatomically speaking men have breasts too and they get to whip them out all the time. I'm more bothered by the people who complain that mothers are breastfeeding in public than the waiter/waitress who rushed them, even though that was rude too.

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