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Bed rest?

Any ideas on how I can keep from going insane?  I'm on strict bedrest orders from my doc and midwife for the remainder of my pregnancy (2-3 weeks, depending upon the baby's schedule) and I am already tired of the internet.  I don't sew, knit, or craft, and I feel like I'm going nuts. 

Tired of movies?


Video games, books and magazines. Maybe try learning another language or studying something that interests you.


my pregnancy

Wait, what?!?!  Congratulations!


haha vd, where have you been?!

mdv, hope you are ok if you've been put on bed rest... : /   I'm not a crafter or a movie watcher so my only idea would be lots of good reading material...

Have you got any photos that need organising into albums?
Are you keeping/starting a journal/record book for your baby?
Any favourite recipes that need copying out into your recipe book/binder?

.... that's all I've got!


i would read a hell of a lot


I second (or third) reading. 

Have you started a baby book yet (like scrapbooking)?  There are also "pregnancy journals" that allow you to document your pregnancy.  You could work your way backwards on that.

Bummer to hear you're on bedrest though.  I hope your baby is right on time!


I like the idea of a pregnancy journal / baby book.  I'm getting a little depressed, because this whole 'nesting instinct' is making me want to work on her room and I can't.  I think that's why I'm getting so bored with movies and reading, although I'm reading her A Wrinkle in Time right now.   ;)

Keep the suggestions coming!

eta: Baby and I are both perfectly healthy, other than the (presumed) nerve damage in my back.  I've refused an MRI, so we can't confirm the diagnosis yet, but everything else that could be safely tested for has been ruled out.  Apparently, we just can't share the same vessel for much longer.


I understand the frustration with not being able to "nest".  Evan and I will be moving roughly 3-4 weeks after the baby gets here which means I don't get to do anything baby related.  All of my nesting instincts are being taken out on other areas of my house with cleaning and finding piles of things to donate.

I hope your back feels better soon!  And if I think of anything else to occupy your time I'll be sure to jot it down here.


LL where are you moving?
this could be time to learn to knit!

there are videos online that teach you.
Enjoy won't be laying down much once that baby pops out!!!

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In addition to reading I also did a lot of puzzle books...crosswords, sudoku, word finds. They make the time go by pretty fast! I hear you with the nesting instinct though, it can be really strong! Hope the rest of the time goes by fast for you!


If you're tired of the internet perhaps you haven't found I get lost in that for quuuiiiite awhile. And I've found lots of cool vegan blogs through it too.
Other than that, maybe journaling or some seated yoga would help pass the time. Write a letter to your baby so you can give it to her when she's older. can get alot of simple crafts at Michaels..oh! Try jewelry-making/beading, it's so fun and takes barely any practice before you can make pretty things.

Best wishes to you and your family.


I think she's pretty busy at this point!

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