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baby food recipies

Well, I am adament about raising my son vegetarian, though I get called crazy by a lot of people.  My mom is like: it is okay if you don't eat meat, but he is a child, he needs that extra protein.  I try to explain that I have done a lot of research online and in books but she just mumbles some excuse and tells me that I am wrong for "denying him meat."

Anyway, he is 8 months old now.  I have given him diced up tofu and he really likes it, but mostly I just give him some Gerber baby food fruit or veggie, like peas, green beans, pears, sweet potatos, or something like that, but it is just one thing, not a meal sort of thing, and I mix it with baby oatmeal.  He is still mostly breast fed, but lately, his interest in food has really aroused, he is startin to really like food.

Tonight, I made some acorn squash, cooked it in the oven till it was soft, then pealed it and purreed it with water to make it more liquidy and then gave that to him thickened up with baby oatmeal.  He actally prefers the baby food squash over the home made stuff but I think it is because of the texture.  When I added some more water and oatmeal he seemed okay with it then and then almost ate the whole bowl.

But do you have any suggestions for recipes I can start to cook for him?  Or do you know of any websites that are good for giving suggestions as to what to feed a vegetarian baby?  I myself try to be vegan as much as possible and I also want him to be vegan as much as possible.  Is he ready for beans yet?  He is okay with tofu, but it gave him gas, no surprise, it gives me gas too.  I get this wonderful tofu from an asian grocier where they make it fresh daily...yummy, I can eat it right out of the package.  Is it okay to give him uncooked tofu?


It will be a long time before your son is actually eating to gain nutritional value. His main source of nutrition is breastmilk and whatever you are feeding him is to help him gain eating and motor skills. You can feed him whatever pureed foods you eat or make them especially for him and puree them. I used to puree batches of food and freeze them in ice cube trays and put them in ziploc bags in the freezer.

At this age your primary concern should be that whatever you feed him is very soft and that he doesn't choke. If he is sitting up and is ready for finger foods, chickpeas cooked until they are very very soft are good.  Other favorites were cut up avocado and banana, cheerio type cereals, mango and papaya and diced carrots cooked until they were very soft.  My kids always liked plain tofu as well (and still do).


My daughter is 10mo old now and she eats anything she can feed herself.  She like beans, also pasta cooked well and cut up small.  Any and all veggies very well cooked and cut very small.  I still use canned fruits, except for bananas because they are tough to chew.  Super Baby Food is a good book to read, although not vegan, has great tips on making your own meals.  If I make caseroles, I chop it up well and feed it to her.  Or you could put it through a food mill.  I want her to taste whatever we eat,  and she loves it.  Right now she eats solids at 3 meals and 2 snacks a day plus formula whenever else she is hungry.


Recently I happened upon a website that is pretty cool :

I'm still pregnant with my first so I haven't tried anything from there, but there's lots of cool stuff there and it's free:)

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