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Abnormal Ultrasounds

Hi Guys -
I'm new to VegWeb and have been lurking around a bit to read up on all the great advice and stories you've all already shared here in the Stroller Derby section. I'm 28 weeks pregnant with a little boy - our first child! I'm super excited. I've been waiting a long time to be a mom (I'm 37). Everything was going well until the last couple ultrasounds. I had hoped when I went into today they'd tell me everything was great, but that wasn't the case. Now I'm completely freaked out by what they're telling me. Maybe someone out there has had a similar experience. If nothing else it might make me feel better to share what I'm going through and get some good thoughts aimed my way, as I'm not wanting to tell my family until we find out for sure what's going on.

Here's the situation: They are not able to see the baby's stomach. That coupled with a slightly elevated level of amniotic fluid (still within range, but on the high side) has them thinking he might have a condition called esophageal atresia - basically the esophagus isn't reaching the stomach. Although it's not super common, it does happen and they say it's something they can usually fix through surgery the day he's born. There are a number of things that could be causing the conditions they're seeing, but they say that is most likely the esophageal atresia and if that's the case the level of amniotic fluid will increase to the point where I may go into labor early. I go in on Monday for a more comprehensive ultrasound. I really hope they say, "Oh, those silly regular ultrasound's his stomach right here - everything's just dandy," but I know that's unlikely. Doesn't hurt to hope, though!

I know I should be grateful that if something is wrong with him it is something that they can very likely fix. It just breaks my heart to think that he may have to go through surgery right away. That I may have to be induced and not have the natural childbirth I wanted. That I may not be able to nurse right after he's born like I've imagined (I wanted to try the breast crawl!). I've been reading so much about how wonderful it is to have these bonding experiences right after birth and the chance that I may have to trade those for having my baby go through a major surgery instead - argh! It's driving me insane.

It's a long shot, but...anyone else have a similar ultrasound and have everything turn out just fine??? Or have a baby that had esphageal atresia? Thanks for any advice or positive thoughts you can think in my direction!

He's a handsome little dude!!! Congratulations!! Here's hoping he recovers quickly from all that needs to be done.



:'( :'( :'(

I want to cry hearing your story, it is soooo sad!  To hear of a tiny baby going through so much torment!  The poor littke guy, I feel so horrible for him, and you!  I was attached to my son from day one, not as soon as he was born, but it took about two days of me holding him, breastfeeding him to feel the strongest bond I have ever felt with another human being, and you are denied that, at least partially.  Babies need to be held in their mothers arms and get lots of hugs and kisses.  I am so sorry.  I feel so lucky  now that my son is so healthy, but bad too.  Why did I get so lucky to have such a perfect little boy when others out there like you didn't?  I often wonder that when I look at my beautiful son as he is sleeping, what did I do so right that God saw fit to give me such a wonderful, beautiful, perfect baby boy?  On the other hand, what did you do so wrong?  I am  not indication that you did anything wrong, it just seems so unfair.  I feel so bad for you and what you are going through.  I am crying right now for your little baby...

I hope things get better for you, and congrats on your boy.  I hope things get better.


Jen, How is Oliver?



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