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Vegan Products

Although I am not a vegan or don't have anyone in my family who is, my brother is allergic to all dairy products and eggs so I always try and find new recipes that he can try.  After browsing on this website for some cake and cookie ideas, I found that a lot of them mentioned vegan chocolate chips.  Where do you get them at?  If anyone could offer me any information it would be much appreciated!!!

I've seen vegan chocolate chips at the health food store.  Tropical Source is the bad they carry.  They good thing about them is they don't use equipment that has been used on non-vegan food so someone with allergies doesn't have to worry.  Here's a review.


When I feel like haveing chocolate, for baking or eating, I useually buy regular dark chocolate. Ok, maybe not the one they sell as baking-chocolate in supermarkets, but any "finer" brand of dark chocolate is useually vegan.

Just make sure to check the list of ingredients, as they sometimes slip freaky milk products into nice, pure chocolate.

Oh, and dark chocolate means chocolate with more than 70% cocoa. They go up to 99%, which is absolutley delicious, but definitly and aquired taste...

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