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Vegan Dream brand jerky

I'm sorry if this has been posted. I'm fairly new here and I've gone through a lot of pages. I think I went to Vegan Dreams through a post here but I'm not sure.

Anyway, I want to know if anyone has had the jerky from them and how was it? I just ordered a sample pack with 2 of each flavor.

I like the Tribal......tribal.....strips???....oh, whatever jerky they have. Turtle Island I think does it. But it's better if you open the package and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of days before eating. Much better texture that way.

I hear the same company has a pepperoni stick like a "slim jim" but holey foods doesn't carry it yet.

Anyway, I am a jerky junkie and I was just wondering if anyone had Vegan Dream Jerky and how was it?

;D I thought thsi was going to be a post about a dream you had last night!!!! Um, sorry can't help you. Beef Jerkey/Slim Jim thingys always grossed me out. Right up there with hotdogs and scrapple


Me too Lisa! I thought this was going to be a philosophical musing...well, maybe it is in a way... ;)
What's YOUR vegan dream?


Oh haha whoops. I guess I didn't phrase the subject line very well. I'll fix that.


i've had the tribal/primal strips (i know it's one of those).  i was really impressed, they tasted so good, chewy and juicy - not all hard like real jerky, but chewy enough.  i tried a few different flavors.. i think a teriyaki one and a bbq maybe, i liked them both alot.


Yes! Primal Strips...that's what they are. I really like the Texas BBQ and the Hickory. I used to like the Teriyaki but it didn't dry out as well as the other flavors. I do like my "jerky" a little on the chewier side so I dry them out in the fridge for a few days. No immediate fix for me!! LOL  I had my sig other get me a couple Primal Strips at WF while I wait for the Vegan Dream stuff to come.

I can't wait to try the new stuff. I'm hoping it will be here by the end of the week. I will let you know how it is when I get it because I'm sure I'll rip open all the packs first thing. :)


I just got my Vegan Dream Jerky!

I got the sample pack which is 2 of each of the 3 flavors. Since there are no good pictures on their website I have *hopefully* included what this stuff really looks like.

What first comes to mind is that this feels like that processed pressed jerky that you find at the front of most gas stations and convenience stores. It's nothing like Primal Strips. I want to say it's something like Tofurky Jurky (Jerky), it is pretty close to that.
On first impression of tasting all 3:
The original Hickory Pepper is ok.
The Hot Chili Pepper is pretty tasty but not hot to me since I like everything in the category of "stupid hot" :)
The Cow Girl is sweet and a little spicy and that is my favorite.

My second impression is that you have to chew a while to get the flavor but more importantly, all of them have a funny aftertaste. I can't quite make out why, must have something to do with the base ingredients.

No real final thought yet since I haven't had more than a few bites off any of them but the unofficial final thought is that if you ever liked the pressed stuff you might like it. It's a bit too expensive for me so in the future I'll probably stick with Primal Strips. They are cheaper and even if I have to wait a few days drying them out in the fridge, I can still get an immediate fix if I want one! :)  Plus, I think they have a better texture than these. I used to eat the processed pressed jerky all the time before I went veg. but I just don't like that texture anymore.

I'm sure most of you probably find this gross anyway. :)


I love beef jerky!  I had some Vegan beef Jerky from Whole Foods yesteday and it RULED!  I want some of this stuff now  :D


This sample pack is 6 "sheets" for about 13 bucks if you like that sort of thing. I can't wait till Whole foods gets the Primal Sticks along with the Primal Strips. :)

I'm glad I didn't gross out one person anyway. LOL


Did you order it online??? Does anyone know if you can order it online?

We buy hot sauce from a couple who makes it by hand in their home and just yesterday they sent us a sample of their jerky (real jerky) along with our usual hot sauce order and I was totally gonna open it and chow down. I had this crazy mean craving! I think my husband took it to work to give away. I hope so becuase if I find the packet I can imagine myself ripping it open and eating it then vomiting or something. Sorry TMI. 


There's a recipe in under snacks for vegan jerkey if your interested.

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