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Sushi Bowl

OK! So I attempted to make sushi today using the Vegi sushi recipie that I found here. My rice tased right but there was too much liquid and i ended up draining a lot of the sugar/vinager mix out of it and when I tried to roll and cut the nori it just did not work out! I ended up sherdding the nori and throwing it all in a bowl with some cucumbers and avacado, it tates just like sushi but looks nothing like it, so does anybody know where  imay have gone wrong? I followed the recipe to the "T"!

*eek* I don't want to serve "sushi bowls" to people expecting nice california rolls!!!

sugar / vintager mix need to heat up and cool.  While mix in with hot rice only use fan and cutting motion to mix them and cool.  Also nori need to toast it on top of stove to bring out the fragrant and easier to cut  That is how I do it.


that is EXACTLY what i did the first time i made sushi.  i got so frustrated and threw it all in a bowl because the nori was soaking wet.  what my problem was was that i did put too much vinegar in my rice, but also, i made the layer of rice way too thick, it should be one grain thick and smushed down until its kind of gluey.  i also like to smush down a couple pieces of rice at the edge so that it sticks to the other side of the roll when i roll it. i have also learned to not measure my vinegar, but pour it in slowly until its the right amount.  once you measure and dump the vinegar in, its hard to get it back out.

doughbunnys suggestions are good! i never am that careful with my sushi, it never turns out great, but i can eat it. 


I buy yaki nori, it's nori that's already been toasted. Cutting sushi can be tricky. You need to use a hot wet serrated knife and cut it with a gentle sawing motion - don't squash it. After every slice dip your knife in hot/boiling water or run under the hot tape. If you feel it's not cutting well, get it hot and wet again.

P.S. Sorry I haven't replied to you yet, Uni started back up and it's all go.


Hey BCSH, don't worry about the reply, I know people are busy, thanks for letting me know though  ;)

Thanks for all the suggestions guys! It turns out that I copied down the recipe wrong...I accendently used twice as much vinager and sugar as I should of, and I also put too much on the nori...I didn't know it was supposed to be so thin...oh, it still tasted good, and now that I have a better idea of what I'm doing, I'll try again and hope for better results!!!


There's an episode of the Post Punk Kitchen -- their first episode, if I remember right -- where they make (vegan) sushi... I found it very helpful.  After watching it I followed the written instructions on their site to a T, and mine came out passably well.  Don't give up, it's worth it!  I was so proud of my first plate full of delicious sushi!  Jeez, come to think of it, why has it been so long!  To the kitchen, Cephi!


I'm glad my faliures inspire you Cephi! I really hope you don't end up dumping everything in a bowl too  :-\ even if you do it's still yummy!  ;)

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