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Spectrum Shakes

I sprinkle Spectrum shake mix ( on my soy yogurt as a non-soy way to up the protein.  The packaging states it's 100% vegetarian, but doesn't come out and say "vegan," so I emailed nutibiotic and asked.  Here's their reply, in case others wondered about the same thing:

Thank you for your interest in our products.  The Spectrum Shake Mix is vegan.  It was missed being put on the new labels when they were made.  If you have any further questions, please call us at 800-225-4345.  Thank you.

Awesome!! Brown rice protien! This is perfect for DH! Thanks HH.
Do you reccomend a particular flavor?
What else have you put it on? 


I basically eat this for breakfast every morning. 

1.  Yogurt.  I like that soy yogurt has active live cultures.

2.  Protein/Vitamin/Mineral.  The Spectrum adds protein and I consider it my daily multivitamin/mineral.  I think my HFS only has the original.  The original tastes vanilla-y.  I think the other two varieties have added sugar, which would make sense as to why I haven't seen them - I found  Spectrum on the body building aisle.

3.  Bulk/Hunger Suppression.  I have Hodgson Mill Wheat Germ with Cinnamon and  Mill Flaxseed cereal.  It's not organic, but I like that they don't hyper-process their food.  It's supposed to be cooked so its hard coming out of the box, but readily softens a bit in the yogurt.  It helps keep me full.  I used to use their Multigrain with Milled Flaxseed and Soy that I liked a lot, too.  I've used oatmeal, too.

4.  Antioxidants.  On top of that, when I have them, I add dried blueberries or goji berries (organic).  I live in an area with a lot of air pollution, so I try to up my antioxidant intake.

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